6 Secret Santa Tips for the Office

Secret Santa Tips

It’s that time of year again when the office all gets involved with the Christmas spirit by partaking in the Secret Santa. Firstly, it might be important to explain Secret Santa to those unfortunate people that do not get to participate.

Secret Santa

A Secret Santa is when people in the office randomly pull out a colleague’s name that they have to buy a gift for. There is usually a day assigned for the giving of these gifts, which are still done anonymously, so everyone can see what they have received.

It’s a fantastic way to promote morale and holiday spirit in the office, as well as getting everyone involved and also encouraging people to learn about their colleagues. Most Secret Santa’s have a set of rules to follow by, but they can change office to office.

What Is The Best Secret Santa Advice?

Here at OPInfo Blog, we thought we’d give you 6 handy tips that will help you to succeed at this game of mystery!

  1. Do Not Reveal Yourself

This may sound incredibly obvious, but the point of Secret Santa is to remain secret. That means you can’t go around telling everyone who you have got! There is a chance that the person you have may overhear and the surprise will be spoilt.

  1. Stick To The Budget

As said before, most Secret Santa’s have rules set before it begins. One of the most important rules is the budget. This is usually set so that there is no misunderstanding about how much you should spend on your assigned person. It also means that the event will be fairer, there is nothing worse than seeing someone had far more spent on them than you.

So if the budget is £10, try and stick as close to it as possible. Don’t go above the budget, but also don’t go too low. Some may set a minimum spend as well as a maximum, but if there is only a maximum budget, try not to go under half of the assigned number. So if it is £10, spend a minimum of £5.

  1. Don’t Swap People

As incredibly tempting as it may be, don’t swap the person you are given. You may have really wanted to get a specific friend because you know them well or they are your friend. But this isn’t really nice, and it may make you look bad if you are desperate to change your person. There is a chance they could find out, and instead of increasing office unity it could cause problems.

  1. Research Your Person

An incredibly important tip would be to research the person that you are given. There can be nothing worse than buying something for someone, and then finding out they don’t even like it. Or even worse; doing something like buying alcohol for someone when they do not, or even cannot, drink it.

So ask around subtly; try to get a hint as to their likes or dislikes. They will be much more agreeable and happy if they receive something they love!

  1. Be Original

By being original and putting a little thought into your present, it will make you look much better to your assigned person. Though they will not know that it was you, if you combine this tip with number 4, they will feel great knowing that their gift give put time and effort into them.

This means actually thinking about them, or researching them as said before. So try not to buy the generic Secret Santa presents like bath sets or alcohol (unless they really love that obviously!) and perhaps hand pick bath items to make your own set, etc.

Secret Santa

What Is Your Secret Santa Experience?

Have you ever participated in an office Secret Santa? Was it really good and an enjoyable time? Or was it just a bad experience overall? We want to hear your thoughts!

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