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Plantronics Smarter Collaboration

Smarter Collaboration

Business is driven by conversations and Plantronics will allow you to collaborate with many people in absolute confidence. Whether you exchange ideas across remote teams or are in close, constant dialogue with...

Loctite 60 Sec

Loctite 60 Sec. Voted Product Of The Year

Loctite 60 Sec. is the revolutionary All-Purpose glue that bonds to most surfaces imaginable in 60 seconds. It is suitable for Wood, Metal, Leather, Ceramic, Stone, Rubber & Plastic and offers consumers a...

Leitz Lever Arch Files

Discover Leitz Lever Arch Files

Lever arch files were invented by Louis Leitz in 1896. Mr Leitz found he had no way of organising all his paperwork which ended up cluttering his house. Since these were important...