Energizer Unveils The World’s First Recycled Batteries

For 2016 Energizer have launched the world’s first recycled batteries –  EcoAdvanced.

Many thought it was impossible and uneconomical but Energizer have spent seven years researching and developing the process to recover and transform old batteries to create a high-performance active ingredient for new batteries.

They are the world’s first and only  battery manufacturer to introduce the recycling process.  EcoAdvanced batteries are currently made from 4% recycled materials but they aim to increase this ten-fold to 40% by 2025.

Infographic Closing The Loop

Closing The Loop

EcoAdvanced is also Energizer’s highest performing alkaline battery yet. This is good news for the planet as it means fewer batteries are used and less waste is created.

So what are you waiting for. Switch to Energizer EcoAdvanced today and recycle your old batteries.


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