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Leitz Lever Arch Files

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Lever arch files were invented by Louis Leitz in 1896. Mr Leitz found he had no way of organising all his paperwork which ended up cluttering his house. Since these were important documents, he thought of a way to file them so they could be easily found again when needed.

He took a piece of card and folded it as a book, containing a front cover, spine and a back. He bore two holes inside, and inserted two adjustable metal rings on the holes, to serve as a locking mechanism. He then collected the papers and put two holes on top of each one. And there you have it, the first Leitz lever arch file was born!

What Makes Leitz Lever Arch Files Special?

Leitz Lever Arch 180° mechanism

The unique 180° mechanism allows you to file from both sides!

At Leitz we have come a long way since 1896, however still hold the values that Mr Leitz created – of helping to organise and manage your working life. Our lever arch files come equipped with the very best technology and 5 year guarantees! We have a built in 180° mechanism, which, in simple terms means you can file from both sides of the file – making it up to 20% more efficient.

We also have an extra wide opening, meaning you can fit up to 100 sheets more than an ordinary file.  So, we think we’ve done Mr Leitz proud, and it’s no longer just a lever arch file! But instead a Leitz Lever Arch File!

See For Yourself the Efficiency of Leitz!

Not only do we make great lever arch files, but we also make great notebooks too. So why not take advantage of our promotion and claim your FREE notebook when you buy our lever arch files!

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