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Plantronics Smarter Collaboration

Business is driven by conversations and Plantronics will allow you to collaborate with many people in absolute confidence. Whether you exchange ideas across remote teams or are in close, constant dialogue with your suppliers and customers, you can be certain that collaboration will give you a major competitive advantage.

As such, the way you collaborate is also important and so it is pertinent to link your collaboration technology to your desk phones, mobile phones and softphones. Due to the importance of collaboration, the quality of your audio can lead to your success or indeed, failure.

For example, video calling from a busy office, out in the street or even in a particularly noisy cafe can mean that much of a call will not be heard properly. A headset is the ideal solution that will allow you to have meaningful collaboration with maximum clarity.

Why Choose a Headset?

  • Hands-free Capabilities

Using a headset will allow you to be more effective by allowing you to input information directly into a computer or search for a document during a discussion.

  • Multi-Device Management

Switching between a desk phone, mobile phone or softphone to allow conversations to continue with minimal interruptions is simple and easy with the right headset

  • Freedom to Move Around

A wireless headset will allow a caller to move around and stretch their legs, allowing them to focus more. Alternatively, it can allow them to bring in an expert colleague to ensure the call is successful.

  • End User Adoption

To effectively collaborate, these technologies require users. Comfortable and easy to use headsets that have intuitive functionality make web and conference calls simple for people.

  • Support For Any Platform

You can be sure that you receive dependable compatibility as Plantronics headsets are optimised for all the major providers including Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft.

Why Choose Plantronics?

Plantronics Warranties

Warranties ensure that you get the best quality and performance

By choosing Plantronics you will be ensuring that you receive outstanding audio quality, superb comfort and excellent durability. This is because Plantronics headsets are rigorously tested to give you the best products.

As well as this, we also provide a two-year warranty for our corded office products. Our wireless products also come with one year warranties, so you get great value for money.

If you have a problem you can contact us at anytime and we’ll answer the call. For more information on this, please visit

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