Top 5 Tips For Working Away From The Office

Working away from the office is becoming a more common occurrence in today’s society as people become more mobile. In fact, a recent article that was featured on OPInfo Blog sought to see if the idea of the traditional office is dying in favour of working from anywhere.

From that post, we can see that employees prefer to have a central office to work in, but there are a variety of reasons why employees have to work out of the office. For example they may be a roaming employee who has to travel the country, or even out of the country, or they may be self employed and simply want to work in a more sociable setting.

One of the main problems of working away from the office is that employees often do not benefit from a work minded setting. It is easy to feel productive and stick to your work schedule in an office when you are surrounded by plenty of other people who are also working. To try and ensure that you are always productive we have put together five handy tips for anyone who has to work away from their office.

1) Create A Schedule

This may sound incredibly obvious, but giving yourself a strict regime will allow you to simulate an office environment. Employees working in a cafe may find themselves easily distracted by the noise of other people, or if working on the road it can be easy to forget about deadlines or meetings.

Creating a schedule will ensure that you stick to what is necessary and also ensure that you are being productive. This will also allow you to remember what you need to do on a day to day basis; there will be no excuse for missing a meeting or deadline because you forgot!

2) Have A Firm End Time

Set Yourself Rules While Working Away

Set Yourself Rules While Working Away

Working in an office means that there is often a clear end time for employees, a time when you know it is time to stop working and go home for the evening. For people who work away from an office, this can often be harder to distinguish. Some may accidently keep working for hours after normal office workers have left.

That is why it is important to set yourself a clear end time and broadcast this to clients and your own employer. Giving a firm end time will allow you to start relaxing while also letting others know that although you work away from an office, you are not available at all times of day.

3) Have The Right Technology

The rise of mobile phones and tablets has made work flexible for many people, and this is a great boon to those working away from an office. Instead of having to take a heavy laptop around with them, people can simply take a phone and a tablet and find themselves ready for a day of work.

But it is important to ensure that you have the right technology for the right work. If you are looking at lots of spreadsheets, it may possibly be better to take a laptop with you for ease of use. Alternatively, if you have to respond to lots of emails then a tablet or phone is the way forward. They don’t take long to start up and can be used anywhere without taking up too much space.

4) Be Accessible

Ensure that you are always easily accessible to any clients or colleagues. This can mean always having a good internet plan with your mobile provider or finding a cafe that has excellent Wi-Fi. There could be nothing worse than not being available when you are desperately needed as this could lead to loss of business.

5) Stay Hydrated and Eat Healthily

It can be incredibly easy to forget to keep yourself hydrated when you are not working in an office. You may have to buy drinks which can lead you to want to ration it to prevent spending too much. But this can be a huge negative as it can lead to you becoming dehydrated which in turn can affect your concentration.

As well as this, it can be incredibly tempting to eat unhealthily due to the ready abundance of fast food or just generally bad food. Try to abstain from this and instead focus on something healthier that will be beneficial to both your mind and your body!

Are You Working Away From The Office?

Do you have any more tips for efficient working away from the office? Or will our tips help you? Why not let us know.

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