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The way we work and where we work has changed. For years we sat in an office from 9-5 and didn’t travel anywhere! Now it’s changed – we have multiple devices, multiple places to work – planes, coffee shops, home, hotels… The glamour of working life means you need the right equipment.

At Leitz we’ve realised this and have developed our range of products to help you stay organised and prepared while out and about. Our range of luggage and charging accessories are all designed for modern life – from cables and power packs to wheelie bags and laptop bags we’ve got it covered.

Travel In Style With Leitz

Leitz Complete Smart Traveller Luggage

The Leitz Complete Smart Traveller Luggage makes travelling easy

Our bags come in various sizes all finished in the Leitz Complete Black and Green detail. They are designed with multiple pockets to help you stay organised – including soft fleece lined pockets for tablets and laptops and mesh pockets so you can see what you’re looking for. The green Leitz Complete colour inside is added so that your items stand out inside.

We are always on our phones and tablets – and these things aren’t built with an infinite battery life! As such we’ve developed a range of charging and cables. Covering travel adaptors with USB ports, dual USB power packs and lightning cables.

The chargers of course are innovative, they have built in technology that recognises which device is in most need of charge! So will help you stay connected at all times!


Leitz Complete Range

There are also handy power packs, cables and more in the Complete Range!

There Is Something For Everyone With Leitz

Why not have a look at the range of Leitz Complete Smart Traveller Luggage or the general range of Leitz Complete? There’s sure to be something that will make your working life easier while out and about.



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