The Wonderful World of Tea

Tea has plenty of health benefits

It is well known that tea is one of the main items that power the British workforce and many people across offices up and down Britain indulge in cups of the delicious drink. It was originally discovered in China almost 5,000 years ago and in more recent centuries has reached countries all over the world. It is now grown in many countries and is the world’s most consumed drink after water.

Some of the most common types of tea today are black, white, green and oolong, though there are other varieties as well. As well as tasting delicious, did you know that it has plenty of great health benefits? We’ll take a look into some of the reasons why you should take up drinking, or continue drinking, tea!

Less Caffeine Than Coffee

Coffee is the other much loved office drink, but did you know that tea generally has lower levels of caffeine in it? It unfortunately, is not caffeine free unless you specifically buy decaffeinated versions, but it does contain much lower levels of caffeine across all types. Green tea actually has caffeine that is released slowly and will increase your alertness and reduce fatigue without the jitteriness of normal caffeine.

Britain consumes up to 165 million cups

Britain consumes up to 165 million cups

Tea Contains Plenty of Antioxidants

It’s pretty well known that tea contains plenty of antioxidants that will help to protect you from damaging diseases or even cancer. Now, it is important to remember that antioxidants are not a miracle cure; they simply help to protect you and reduce the chances. It contains lots of antioxidants, even more than fruits and vegetables, making it a simple and easy to make a healthy change in your life.

Enjoy a Low Calorie Drink

For the most part, tea is an exceptionally low calorie drink and as such is perfect for people wanting to lose weight. Green tea contains no calories at all and if you take your tea unsweetened and with only a small splash of semi-skimmed milk, you will be reducing your calorie intake in no time!

Keep the Dentist Away

An incredibly surprising fact is that it can help to increase the health of your teeth. That is because it is a natural source of fluoride and tannins that can help to keep any bad plaque at bay. By drinking unsweetened tea and combining it with good dental practice, you will have healthier teeth and gums!

What Benefits Do You Get?

There are plenty more benefits that could be listed but the bottom line is that it is an incredibly healthy option compared to coffee and carbonated drinks. So office workers in Britain, rejoice that your favourite office drink is also a health benefit!

Why not have a look at the large range of tea we have on OPInfo, you might find your new favourite! Do you drink tea in the office? Let us know what benefits you think it gives you!

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