5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Shredder

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5 reasons from Rexel that there’s never been a better time to upgrade your shredder

Rexel Shredders are ideal for the office

Rexel Shredders are perfect for use in offices

The perils of ID fraud are becoming common knowledge in business and in the home. According to Fraud Prevention Service, Cifas, 41% of all fraud is identity fraud, which is continuing to rise. Luckily, there are products that can help you avoid the disastrous consequences of ID fraud, and there have been some world leading innovations that make it easier than ever to stay protected. Rexel is at the forefront of the automatic shredding market, and their innovative technology coupled with superb special offers mean that there’s never been a better time to upgrade to a Rexel Auto Feed shredder.

The start of April sees the launch of Rexel’s market leading shredding offer. This is the first time the ‘Cash back’ and ‘Buy & try’ offers have been combined in the office products industry.

Here are 5 reasons that mean there’s never been a better time to upgrade your shredder.


  1. Protection against identity theft

Identity fraud is Britain’s fastest growing white collar crime and concerns everyone from large corporations to those who are self-employed. Fraud prevention agency Cifas, reported that the number of victims rose by almost a third in the first three months of 2015 compared to the same period in 2014.

So if companies want to sufficiently protect themselves from the dangers of identity fraud, it’s crucial that they destroy data in a secure manner. But why are Auto Feed shredders the ideal solution for businesses? Models in the range boast high security micro cut technology which can shred a stack of up to 750 A4 sheets of paper into 1.5 million pieces, safely destroying all types of sensitive and confidential information.

To put this into perspective, compared to a Strip Cut shredder with a P-2 security level, level P-5 micro cut machines have the capability to produce shreds that are 50 times smaller. Such high volumes of shreds mean that all documents are left impossible to piece together, allowing them to be disposed of and recycled securely.


  1. Adherence with data protection regulations

    Comply with Data Protection Regulations

    Using shredders will help to comply with any data protection regulations

Businesses do not just have a duty to protect their own data but also any information they hold on others. Under the European Data Protection Directive (1995) anyone who holds and processes information about clients, employees or suppliers is legally obliged to protect that information from theft – failure to do so can result in a fine of up to £500,000.

It is also an offence to retain any customer information without their consent. By law, companies must ensure that all personnel records, documents containing passwords or PIN numbers, sales figures, cancelled or voided cheques, and information held on customers are safely destroyed after the appropriate amount of time.

The accidental loss or release of such information could result in bad PR and be disastrous for an organisation’s reputation. When large volumes of paper are placed into the Auto Feed shredder, the secure chamber with 4-digit pin lock available on 300X models and upwards adds a layer of protection during the shredding process.


  1. Boosting productivity

Maintaining employee productivity while adhering to data regulations is a primary concern for organisations. Many employees are tempted to avoid laborious tasks such as shredding, which they believe stop them from doing their job. Rexel has decided to tackle this problem head on by designing machines that shred in a productive manner. Auto Feed takes 98% less time to shred through stapled or paper clipped documents, CDs and credit cards, than a traditional shredder. In real terms, this adds up to 9 hours of time saved per user each year.

Noise pollution is another key productivity concern for managers. Research from The British Journal of Psychology revealed that noise in the workplace can cause a decrease in efficiency levels by up to 66%. This is why Auto Feed’s rollers push each sheet of paper through the blades smoothly and quietly, minimising disruption to anyone working nearby.

As well as productivity at work, the shredders support eco-friendly initiatives that are growing in popularity in workplaces around the world. The intelligent power save feature maximises the shredder’s performance and life, whilst reducing the environmental impact.

  1. Rexel AutoFeed Shredder

    Rexel Autofeed Shredders make shredding easy and simple

    Saving money with Auto Feed

Not only is manually feeding sheets into a shredder an inefficient process that can cause employees to avoid shredding altogether, it also makes a considerable dent in a business’ finances. The cost to shred 3 million sheets using a manual machine is approximately £0.012 per sheet, whereas it would cost £0.001 per sheet using Auto Feed technology.

With up to 90% cost savings compared to a manual shredder, Rexel Auto Feed users can save over £20,000 per year and be able to invest that sum back into the development of their business.

  1. Auto Feed models for every need

Abandoning the popular ‘one size fits all’ ethos, the Auto Feed range is designed to offer a solution specific to the needs of its end user.

Ranging from light use models with a capacity of 60 sheets of A4 80gsm paper to heavy use machines that can shred up to 750 sheets of A4 80gsm hands free, Rexel has the only complete range of Auto Feed shredders. Large to small, and covering P4 cross cut confidential security level, up to P5 super secure micro cut security. Customers can select the model which meets their specific requirements from Rexel’s guide. Then they can simply sit back and enjoy a stress-free shredding process.

Rexel Promotional Offers

Cash Back

Find your local dealer to take advantage

Rexel is launching a new Auto Feed promotion this month – a first of its kind ‘Buy & try’ and ‘Cash back’ combined offer. When purchasing a shredder, customers can receive cash back of up to £100. Under ‘Buy & try’, buyers can trial their Auto Feed shredder for 60 days, getting 100% of their money back if they are unsatisfied with their purchase.

To find out more about Rexel’s Auto Feed promotions, please contact your local dealer by using the dealer finder.


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