Ergonomic Benefits in the Workplace

Keeping comfortable in work is important

Ergonomics is something that is crucially important when working in an office, yet many office workers or employers may be unaware of the benefits of being ergonomic. The rise in office working can also lead to a rise in office related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome which can be caused by repetitive work with your hands such as typing, back pain due to an ill-fitting chair or a multitude of other problems.

These injuries can be costly for employers as it can result in employees having to take time off work which can mean a dip in productivity, or simply employees just living in pain and being less willing to do work.

Luckily, having good ergonomics can in fact work in the opposite way and result in an increase of productivity and less cost for employers. Ergonomics is all about ensuring that workplaces are made comfortable for employees and encouraging correct positioning to prevent any unfortunate injuries. It is often regarded as making sure that work can ‘fit’ the employee.

How Can You Be More Ergonomic?

Improving the ergonomics in your office can result in you being more productive at work, but it can also ensure that you have no lasting pain outside of work that can affect your personal life. But how can you improve the ergonomics in your office?

Well there are a few simple ways to make little adjustments that might not be too expensive. For example, having a wrist rest for your keyboard and mouse can encourage proper wrist position to reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome as well as ensuring that your mouse and keyboard are correctly positioned on your desk.

Office ergonomics

Office ergonomics

You can help to prevent neck strain by ensuring that your computer screen is positioned within the correct eye level. This will mean that you will not have to move your neck too much while working, so you can work in comfort while also reducing the amount of strain your neck may be in. As well as this, ensure that your monitor is also at the correct viewing distance as if it is too close it could affect your vision negatively.

In a previous article we have discussed the importance of lighting in the office and lighting can also be a way to increase your ergonomics. Use a daylight lamp to simulate natural lighting will help reduce eye strain while also increasing your productivity, allowing you to do more comfortably.

Having a comfortable chair will lower the chances of back strain but often chairs can still become uncomfortable if sat in them for too long. This is common in office workers who often spend hours upon hours sat in the same chair. A back support is the perfect accessory that can help to ensure you have correct posture when working while also providing you support to prevent back injuries.

What Are The Benefits?

Besides from the obvious benefit of reducing the risk of any injuries in employees, correct ergonomics can result in an increase in productivity. After all, if someone is not in pain and are comfortable then they are much more likely to work for longer periods without stopping.

This can also have the added benefit of improving employees morale as if they are given the tools they need to work comfortably it will show that employers care about them. This can foster excellent employee-employer relationships that have benefits for both sides.

Ergonomics are incredibly important in the office as well due to being legally required. It is a legal requirement for an employer to conduct workstation assessments that will look to see if an employee is comfortable. If they are not, then employers must provide the necessary items to facilitate an adequate working environment.

What Ergonomics Do You Use in the Office?

Do you have any ergonomic benefits in the office? Why not let us have know?

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