Dealing With Annoying Colleagues

Annoying colleagues

Every office has annoying colleagues, those people that simply drive you up the wall with minimal effort on their behalf. But as much as you may wish they could just get rid of these colleagues, you simply can’t. So how do you learn to deal with people that really annoy you in the office?

After all, if you have to spend up to 40 hours a week with them (or maybe even longer!) then you’re going to have to find a defence mechanism pretty quickly. Otherwise work will be very hard for you as unfortunately, you can’t avoid your colleagues for very long in an office.

Now, it’s entirely understandable that you may not get along with them at all but in the interest of harmony at work, it’s crucial that you at least try. Or at least try to avoid confrontations which can make everyone uncomfortable! To try to help, we’ve come up with some tips on how to deal with those annoying colleagues.

Headphones are an easy way to deal with colleagues

Headphones are an easy way to deal with colleagues

Ignore Them

This is easy to do as long you do not have to have direct contact with them. Just try to blank them out and focus on your work. Putting your headphones in, if you’re allowed, and listening to music is the perfect way to block them out without looking like you are blatantly ignoring them.

Try not to be rude though, if they have a legitimate question then don’t ignore them in this situation!

Be Polite

They may be incredibly loud, play music or just be plain obnoxious when talking, but it is important to remember to always be polite when dealing with them. This will give you the upper hand if, for some reason, they decide to complain as you can point out that you were polite and diplomatic the whole time.

By being polite to them, it should hopefully encourage them to be polite in turn and adhere to your request. It will also make you look more professional than just devolving into a screaming match at work, which could lead to further negative relations between you.

Encourage Better Working Habits

If someone is spending too long talking instead of working, or playing music loudly that is annoying you, then consider contact your HR department. Or alternatively, bring them up in a meeting politely and try to gage the feelings of others. If you suggest that music be played quieter and everyone agrees, you may have found a simple and diplomatic solution to your problem that everyone agrees with!

Have A Break

If someone is truly annoying you to the point that your work is beginning to become negatively affected, then consider taking a quick break. It will allow you to get away from the person irritating you and give you a chance to calm yourself down so that you can start working positively again.

Be The Perfect Example

You may not realise it, but you may also be an irritant to others. So try to set the perfect example in the office so that you are also a great co-worker. Ensure that you don’t play music too loudly, or that you don’t irritate people who talk a lot.

By limiting yourself or just setting the ideal example of what a good co-worker is, then you will help to encourage others to follow your lead.

Talk to A Manager

If things get really bad and you simply cannot cope any longer, then have a talk with your supervisor or manager. Be discreet and professional; don’t just turn the conversation into a whine but put across your arguments politely. This should hopefully result in your manager or supervisor having a talk with the colleague in question, making your working life better.

How Do You Deal With Annoying Co-Workers?

Why not let us know your tips on how to deal with those co-workers who you just cannot get along with? Any advice that we left out? We’d love to hear!

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