Why Does Hygiene Matter In The Office?

Hygiene in the office is important

It may not be the first thing people think of when working in an office, but hygiene is incredibly important and can directly affect productivity. There are two kinds of hygiene that should be considered here, employee hygiene and general employee hygiene.

There are many implications to having bad hygiene in the office which can include a decrease in productivity from employees. This may just because they do not feel happy enough to work at their full capacity in an unclean office, or it could be a more serious issue such as illness.

Lots of people working together in one space for hours a day can often be a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. As such, a low hygiene standard can result in areas not being cleaned or sterilised. This can mean that employees can have a higher chance of catching an illness, particularly in the colder months. As a result, the employee could be off work for days with an illness, directly impacting the productivity levels of a company.

So what are some quick ways to ensure that employees and the office environment are keeping high hygiene standards? Well have a look at our tips to find out!

Keep A Cleaning Regime

Ensure that all communal areas such as kitchens and toilets are cleaned as often as possible, preferably daily if possible. This is especially important as these are the areas which can become unclean very quickly and they also see the highest traffic in people. Take a look at our range of toilet cleaners and kitchen cleaners to find everything you need to ensure communal areas are as clean as possible.

Hand soap and gel is a quick way to be clean

Hand soap and gel is a quick way to be clean

Clean Desks Mean More Productivity

It is equally as important to encourage employees or colleagues to clean their desks often. People may not think about this, but there is a very high chance that there is lots of bacteria lurking around someone’s desk. Due to the large amount of time spent behind a desk, this makes it even more important to keep it clean. Arrange it so that everyone gives their desk a full clean at least once a week.

Personal Hygiene is King

This might be a little harder for a company to enforce, but personal hygiene is just as important as general workplace hygiene. Encourage employees to shower or bathe regularly (there can be nothing worse than having to work next to someone with strong body odour!) and wear clean clothes.

Aside from encouraging a better cleanliness habit, it will also have the added effect of giving your company a professional appearance. Ensure that all toilets and kitchens are equipped with adequate soap and hand washing facilities, and encourage employees to wash their hands regularly to reduce the chance of illness or spreading bacteria.

How Do You Keep Your Office Clean?

Why not let us know your cleaning tips? Does your office have a high hygiene standard? Let us know!

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