What Does Your Stationery Say About You?

National Stationery Week

Stationery covers a wide range of the everyday tools that help us organise our lives in our own creative ways, from the legendary Post-it note to the ballpoint pen. Although portable devices and the move to work remotely have encouraged the increasing trend for the technological takeover, stationery still has an important role to play. Technology and the intelligent tools it embodies make our lives easier, more efficient and more productive; but classic stationery is constantly being used to plan, record, create and deliver.

Whether you’re passionate about writing, persistent in your approach to organisation or simply just enjoy stamping your personality onto your workspace; there is always a reason to care about the stationery you choose to immerse yourself in. The importance and love for stationery across the planet is reflected by lots of exciting new product development across many areas- this is clear to see with the likes of the erasable FriXion Pen from Pilot and the one-finger stapling technology from PaperPro.

With a multitude of stylish options, it’s easy to surround yourself with office essentials that reflects your personality and preferences. Whether it be the Color Stak range of stackable desk accessories to invigorate your work space or the Rhodia range of Notebooks for that professional image; stationery brands are constantly innovating to ensure that your stationery shouts out something about you!


Celebrating Stationery – National Stationery Week 2016

25th April see’s the start of National Stationery Week.  Organised by The London Stationery Show, the week is dedicated to celebrating the written word and all things stationery, the products which make it all possible, and give pleasure to so many people.  2015 saw the launch of the first #WorldStationeryDay in April, as part of National Stationery Week, this year the day falls on April 27th so make sure to keep an eye out for any fun facts that might appear on this day.

Find out more about how you can get involved in spreading the word at http://www.nationalstationeryweek.com/ to find some fun ideas and find out what is going on around the United Kingdom to celebrate these staple instruments and accessories of life. There are fun activities that can be used to entertain children as well as quizzes and polls to get involved with, so why not check it out today?

To get involved with this fun week you can get in contact with your reseller to find some special National Stationery Week offers. Find out how to find them by visiting this link.

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