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Can you introduce the DYMO brand? Its history, its heritage…

Dymo Label

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In 1958, DYMO revolutionised organisation at home and in the office through the Embosser – the world’s first personal label maker and the evolution of the labelling market. In 1990, DYMO launched the LabelManager range introducing the first battery powered labelling machines with digital displays. These modern machines gave the superior print quality demanded by the market with many additional time-saving features complying with the modern professional’s labelling needs. DYMO then went on to introduce the first connected labelling machines with the LabelWriter range, allowing users to print labels directly from a Mac or PC computer. These personal, compact labelling machines offered users the most effective asset identification solution for the management of mailing and shipping with a full suite of different sized address labels and the option to add in barcodes to visitor management solutions.

Since its creation, the DYMO brand offers labelling solutions allowing users to manage their daily lives more effectively. Our expertise enables us to develop a complete and modern range that meets all labelling requirements.

Dymo Labels Used Anywhere

Dymo labels can be used anywhere!

Today you have a wide range of products able to meet all needs. How is it organised?

Our range is organised into three main areas: labelling at home, at the office and in an industrial environment. The products are well suited to the frequency of use and DYMO labels meet the quality requirements of the different usage environments.



Faced with such a vast range of products, how do resellers know which DYMO labelling products to offer their customers? Has DYMO developed anything to aid them?

Our product range is organised around the environments of use. From labelling file folders to marking pipes, identifying cables, and printing barcodes used to track inventory, DYMO has a solution that can help improve the safety and productivity of almost any work environment. In this way, resellers can easily identify which product is most suitable to the application it will be used for.

Resellers can visit . Here they will find a handy, straight forward ‘helping you choose’ tool designed specifically for resellers in order to identify and learn about the various labelling opportunities within specific industries and their corresponding DYMO labelling solutions. It can also easily identify all the labels which work with the selected machine(s).

With the development of digital, how your products have evolved in recent years?

Dymo Labels are versatile

Dymo is an incredibly versatile labelling system

DYMO products are continuously adapted to the digital development. The LabelWriter range for example, connects to Mac or PC computers and thus use all the features of the software. LabelManager range allows wireless use for mobility and efficiency. Thanks to a computer-style keyboard, it is very easy to customise labels and view them on the digital screen before printing. The range LabelManager PnP Wireless allows the users to share with others wirelessly. If users want to share a machine across the office, DYMO also has a print server to connect anyone to the LabelWriter machines on the network.

So we all need a Dymo?

DYMO® office products make it easy to do more with less – and to work minor miracles that can make a big difference to your business. Print any label you need in seconds, without the hassle of sheet labels. Accomplish more with advanced labelling at your computer or on the go… If you want to save time, yes you need a DYMO machine!



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