5 Tips For Eating In The Workplace

Eating in the Office

Are you one of those people who eats at their desk? Whether it’s snacks or a full on lunch, many people in today’s society will eat at their desk instead of going somewhere else. Often people just do it because they don’t feel like moving anywhere else, or some people are eating at their desk because they are working through their lunch.

Now, you may not think anything of having your lunch at your desk (particularly if everyone else does it) but it’s important to be courteous to your colleagues. Do you have that colleague that you simply wish would take their food somewhere else because something annoys you intensely? Well it’s important to not become that colleague to other people!

That’s why we’ve put together some simple tips for when you are eating the workplace. Follow these tips and you’ll hopefully be able to eat in the workplace with ease!

Try and Eat Somewhere Else

Ideally it’s obviously better to take your lunch somewhere else if at all possible. Maybe your workplace has a cafeteria or a break room, maybe even a kitchen that you can sit in? Besides removing yourself from people who may not be eating their lunch yet, you may also find that you might make some unexpected friends or just find some nice time to be sociable.

Avoid Eating Foods That Smell Strong

Don't eat strong smelling food

Don’t eat strong smelling food

One of the biggest faux pas about eating in the office can be if you bring in some very pungent food. It may smell absolutely delicious to you (and maybe even to other people), but at the same time it can be an irritant to others having to smell it. There can be nothing worse than being hungry and being inundated with the very strong smell of curry!

It can also have the unfortunate effect of lingering for a long time, something no one wants to have to work in for hours on end.

Eat During The Expected Times

This mainly applies to the lunch itself, if your colleagues often have snacks before and after lunch then it is obviously fine for you to have something quick. But it’s very important to only eat your lunch during the allocated lunch hours.

No one wants to see someone eating their lunch at 11am or 2:30pm when everyone else can’t or already has. The only times this may be acceptable is if you have meetings during your lunch or something and so you will have to take an early or late lunch – your colleagues  might be a bit more understanding!

Always Clean Up After Yourself

Clean up after yourself

Clean up after yourself

It is absolutely crucial that you always clean up after yourself once you have finished your lunch. This will not only make your desk look clean, but can also avoid any unfortunate bacteria that may form from accidental leftover food.

It’s also important if your colleagues can see your desk, no one wants to work in close quarters with someone who cannot even be bothered to clean up after themselves at lunch. Always throw your waste into a bin to help prevent any unfortunate accidents in the workplace, as well as ensuring that anything that could rot gets moved as quickly as possible.

Try and give your desk a deeper clean with antibacterial wipes once a week, particularly focusing on clearing out your keyboard. You would be surprised with how much food debris can end up lodged inside a keyboard by accident!

Expect Interruptions

Working in an office, you may be used to being interrupted all the time, but it is important that you recognise you may be interrupted while eating. Important emails will wait for no person and you may find yourself having to reply to them in the middle of your lunch.

Alternatively, you might also have to respond to queries in person. Hopefully said person might see that you are on your lunch and give you some time, but if you’re okay with interruptions then make it clear to people. If you are not, it might be better to take yourself away from your desk so that you are not easily found.

Go Forth And Eat!

So hopefully these tips will help you to navigate the awkward waters of eating in the office, but if you have any more tips that might be useful then please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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