Name Badges – Getting It Right First Time!

Badges are the perfect way to identify people

In general, the I.D. badge serves as a function to identify the ID bearer as a person who is supposed to be in the building and helps give comfort to staff that the environment they work in is a secure and safe place. But there are other perhaps less obvious reasons why wearing ID badges can have a positive benefit to your business.

Build Corporate Identity

ID badges contribute to corporate branding, by adding the business logo to every employee in the company. Whilst nametags are typically restricted to use in the office they will inevitable get worn outside the office. Just take a look around next time you are in your local supermarket and you will see quite a large number of customers wearing ID badges with lanyards

Badges Help Employees Address One Another

Particularly in large companies it can be difficult for employee’s to remember everyone’s name, especially newer employees. Nametags allow employees in different departments to build a sense of camaraderie faster and also provide accountability to employees. For example if someone behaves rudely to another member of staff their name is visible for all to see.

There are a large variety of badge types available

There are a large variety of badge types available

Provides a Way for Customers to Identify Employees

If employees wear company name badges, it is easy for customers to identify the individuals that work for your business. If a customer suddenly has a question or requires the completion of a transaction, they know exactly where to go for help. This practice is especially helpful on a showroom floor, where employees circulate along with the customers. However, it can also be helpful for employees behind a desk or counter because it provides a way for customers to identify with the employee right away.

Creates a Conversation Opening

Name badges can be a great way for a customer to start up a conversation with one of your employees. This nametag also provides accountability for service employees because the customer knows exactly who he is dealing with from the first moment he makes contact with your employee. These name badges offer customers additional comfort in knowing at least a piece of information about your employee before he begins a transaction with him.

Social experiments have long confirmed that uniforms and embellishments (including name badges) have an influence in human contact situations and it is well to consider the old maxim,

“You only get one chance to make a first impression!”

Initial contact could influence in a manner which can be very difficult to reverse; so it’s important to get it right first time.

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