It’s Drawing Day!

It is drawing day!

Everyone has drawn something at some point in their lives and your skills may be limited to stick people, or instead be the next Picasso. Well today is the day that we celebrate this as May 16th is officially Drawing Day!

You may not think it, but drawing can be a great benefit in the office for a variety of reasons. Now we don’t mean drawing extravagant works of art while at your desk, but just little doodles every now and again. To back this up, we’ve got some great reasons as to why drawing, or doodling, can be an unexpected benefit!

Doodling As A Focus

Doodling can have lots of great benefits

Doodling can have lots of great benefits

Many people think that if you are doodling, you are not paying attention or are bored with whatever you are doing. But surprisingly, this is the exact opposite of what is happening when you doodle. If you are stuck in an incredibly long meeting that you are losing interest in, drawing quick pictures can focus you back into the conversation.

It’s particularly helpful if you start drawing doodles that are based on what you are hearing, then perhaps you will be able to look over them in the future for reference.  But as well as this, drawing can even mean that you are more likely to remember details from a conversation.

In fact a study in 2009 found that subjects who doodled while listening to a phone message had a 29% increase in their mental recall compared to those who did not doodle.

Drawing Can Produce Ideas

Doodling is often much more enjoyable to do than simply sitting there and taking repetitive notes and it can also have the added benefit of helping you to think of a great idea. Often drawing can be a process that does not require much input from your brain, which can result in you having an unexpected Eureka moment as your subconscious suddenly comes to a positive conclusion.

You may even accidentally draw out something that can spark an idea in your mind, an idea that could be a huge money maker for your company or even just something that can be a benefit to employees or colleagues.

Drawing Can De-Stress You

The recent rise of adult colouring books has shown that there is a demand for a quick, easy and cheap ways to simply lose yourself for a few minutes. Most people would likely agree that there is something about drawing, or even simply colouring in, which is mentally freeing. That’s most likely because it doesn’t require much thought processes and so it is the perfect way to calm down without even leaving your desk.

Now obviously it might not be acceptable to pull out a colouring book, but just doodling mindlessly in a notebook for a few minutes can give you the necessary time to mentally recuperate and bring yourself back to the right frame of mind.

Why Not Try Drawing Today?

Being that today is Drawing Day, it’s the perfect time to take up some of our advice and pick up a pen or pencil and put it to paper. At we have a large range of colouring pencils that will bring some colour to your drawings, or even just pick up a simple ballpoint pen and doodle away!

Who knows, you might come up with the next big idea…

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