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Hard-wearing, resilient envelopes to safeguard your business mailings

Handled with TLC at the outset, collected by the post van, organised at the sorting office, how do you ensure your prized mailing contents arrive in pristine condition?

Imagine having to navigate a rough terrain yourself, and how you’re going to get from A to B.  You’d most certainly consider anticipated weather conditions and to source suitable footwear and clothing to protect you from the external elements.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t apply the same thought process when it comes to sending your prized mail items . . .

What message do your envelopes deliver?

It could be that the economical, low-priced envelopes that you currently purchase leave your premises looking unspoiled, yet when they arrive they end up looking like this:-

Paper quality is one of the key factors in purchasing special envelopes.  Lightweight paper offers poor protection and may rip, and a weak seal will certainly compromise security.

New Guardian, is an extensive range of strong heavyweight manila envelopes that provide first class postal protection.

With a distinctive two-tone smooth manilla surface and premium finish, the New Guardian envelope and light packaging range safeguards contents as they make their journey through the postal system.  Protected by strong 130gsm paper and secured by an innovative Power-Tac peel & seal closure, contents remain tamper-proof right up until the point of delivery.

Contents arrive undamaged and are immediately accessible via the use of an Easy-Open tear strip.

Motivated by manilla?

The demands of the modern postal system mean that Post Rooms, Office Managers and Purchasing Managers face an ongoing challenge to find cost-effective postal solutions.

The price you pay to send an item by post, depends on its size, weight and thickness.

Don’t pay more than you need to!  Packages that can fit through a recipient’s letterbox will be delivered on the first attempt, leading to a reduction in costs associated with repeat deliveries.

In a dotcom age where an increasing amount of transactional business is now carried out online, there is an increasing demand for strong quality envelopes and light packaging solutions.

High performing, protective envelopes that won’t let you or your business down.

From Wage Envelopes, Internal Mail to Boardbacks, Gussets and Bubble Bags, valuable contents command first class protection, which New Guardian delivers time and time again.

For a heavyweight envelope Masterclass watch the Post Shop Boys in action.

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