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VARTA batteries offer the optimal energy solution for every application. From toys to digital cameras to remote controls and many more, VARTA Primary Batteries provide all the power you need for the devices you use every day. Clear symbols on pack help you to easily find the right battery for your device.

Electrical devices are becoming more complex and demanding, so it’s more important than ever to use the right type of battery to supply long lasting and reliable power. Our extensive research and testing team in Germany work hard to ensure that VARTA alkaline batteries are always at the forefront of battery performance and technology.

VARTA Longlife, High Energy and Max Tech batteries have each been developed to meet the energy profiles of different types of devices. Longlife supplies long-lasting energy that is best for low drain devices such as remote controls and clocks.  High Energy supplies the powerful energy needed for toys, computer accessories and flashlights. Max Tech is specially engineered to deliver the precise, fluctuating energy that is demanded by high tech devices such as digital cameras.

For OEM and business users, VARTA Industrial alkaline batteries offer powerful performance and great value for money that is trusted in private and public organisations all over Europe.


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 VARTA is made in Germany

For more than 128 years, the name VARTA has stood for market-leading battery solutions. VARTA Consumer is internationally renowned for its quality, performance and value. As the sole manufacturer of alkaline batteries in Germany, ‘Made in Germany’ is recognised and understood worldwide as a seal of quality and approval, representing outstanding expertise in the areas of research and development, engineering as well as production.


From consumer batteries and rechargeable batteries to chargers and flashlights, we continue to custom our products to the end user. VARTA’s core business is within alkaline batteries, but due to extensive product development over the years, our product assortment extends much further than this today.Have great power on the go

Alongside our alkaline batteries, we also produce one of the largest ranges of rechargeable batteries in the market. Rechargeable batteries have many benefits, you can use them over and over again, (4 VARTA rechargeable batteries can replace up to 4000 standard batteries**) which ultimately is good for the environment and they come ‘ready to use’, so you are able to use them straight from the pack.

As we become more dependent on our mobile devices, it is important to always have enough power wherever you go. VARTA have recently launched a new range of Portable power banks, to keep your devices charged on the move. These are available in a variety of different colours and sizes to suit every individual.

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VARTA Consumer is also a leading manufacturer of flashlights across Europe, with over 50 different torches in the product assortment. Innovation and product development is continuous to ensure that the product functionality, specification and ascetics are the best they can be.

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VARTA Consumer Batteries are part of the four-billion-dollar Spectrum Brands Group, who own other household brands such as, Russell Hobbs, Remington and George Foreman. This means that we belong to a global network capable of meeting all international requirements.

VARTA are always innovatingFUN FACT  

Most people know that in 1969, Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon – yet very few know that VARTA was right there with him. The astronaut’s camera was equipped with VARTA batteries, and therefore successfully passed the operating test on the moon. We stand by our products and want to provide consumers with the best possible service.

VARTA Consumer is among the industry’s top three innovation leaders in Europe today. Customised and high-quality energy solutions, providing the optimal combination of performance and sustainability, are just a few of     the reasons for this success.




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**depending on cells in blister and mAh capacity


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