Stationery In The Office

Stationery In The Office

Everyone has used stationery at least once in their life and despite the ever increasing advent of technology; stationery still has a prominent place in the office. From the ballpoint pens to fountain pens, notebooks to notepads, ring binders to lever arch files; the world of stationery is large and full of great products that will meet your every desire.

We’ve decided to take a closer look at the stationery that you’ll always find in the workplace. So take a look and see what you recognise!

Pens and Pencils

Now pencils may not be as common if you’re in a normal office environment, in this case you may find that there are plenty of pens to be found. There is usually the whole gamut of pens to be found including ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, gel pens and ink pens. But there is always that one person who has the fanciest pen alive, whether it is a very smart fountain pen or just a comedic pen that is really amusing.

For workplaces where designing is a priority, you may find pencils become more common. Particularly in different graphite grades that will ensure you always get the best shading for the right drawing. They might be also found in other work settings, particularly if someone is particularly accident prone in their writing. Though in case you didn’t know, the FriXion pens have been developed to help people like this!

Staplers and Hole Punches

Staplers are understandably a crucial office item as they are the perfect way to quickly bring together documents in a more permanent like fashion. Though you can obviously remove the staples with a handy staple remover, but either way it’s incredibly likely you’ll probably see a few dozen of these dotted around desks.

Staplers are popular in the office

Staplers are popular in the office

There are also a variety of staplers you’ll see, from giant staplers that can cope with large amounts of paper at once such as the Rexel Goliath Stapler to smaller staplers that are the perfect size for personal use to store in a desk such as the Rapesco Bug Stapler.

Hole punches may be a little bit rare to find as there may be many people who have absolutely no need to hole punch their documents. They may use punched pockets and simply slide sheets into them, or just not use folders at all. It may be more common to find the larger heavy duty hole punches that are capable of punching lots of documents at once.


Some people may not consider filing to be stationery, but for the purposes of this article we thought we’d include it. Filing can be found in offices up and down the United Kingdom as it’s the simple and quick way to store together documents of a similar nature for simple storage for the future.

Filing is great for storageThere are two kinds of files in particular that are most common in the office, the ring binder and the lever arch file. Ring binders are perfect to store together smaller amounts of documents for specific projects or by theme thanks to their smaller size.

Lever arch files are great for when you need to store large amounts of documents at once as the lever arch design will allow you to store far more inside them. Either way, you can use dividers to separate out the sections in a lever arch file, saving storage space by using just one file instead of two!


Makes notes in a notebook

Makes notes in a notebook

The rise of tablets, smart phones and laptops means that many people may now take notes electronically. For many people though, it’s old school all the way and notebooks are still just as popular today.

For many there is nothing better than physically writing the words down and you never have to worry about something happening that could leave you with no notes. Notebooks are seen commonly around the office with a trusty pen accompanying it and with the variety of sizes available they’re still number one for note taking!

What About Your Office Stationery?

Can you see all these stationery products in your office or are there items that we left out? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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