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FriXion Colors


Have a variety of colours

There are a large variety of colours to use!

The Pilot Pen Co (UK) Ltd was established in 1979 although the Pilot Corporation of Japan has been manufacturing pens since 1918. Always at the fore of innovation and uncompromising quality, Pilot has delivered a number of market leading products including the V5 & V7, G2 pens and FriXion range.

Building on the success of the FriXion brand and new to the market, Pilot has developed a range of erasable felt tip pens. Perfect for all ages and a number of practical everyday applications, FriXion Colors are much more than just a felt tip colouring pen. As well as drawing and colouring FriXion Colors are perfect for marking up notes or reference points in text books and is a great solution for temporary marking on fabrics.

Whether you’re an avid doodler, have children that would benefit from some new pens, enjoy a little adult colouring or just wish to freshen up your pen pots with some lovely alternatives to everyday highlighter pens, make sure you let your creativity run free with these sleek looking pens.


FriXion Color Pens are perfect for a variety of people

FriXion Color Pens are ideal for a variety of people

Available in wallets of six or twelve on (code PI42387 and PI42388 respectively). Beautiful, vivid colour with no unpleasant odour and displaying the signature tribal tattoo print on the barrel of the pens and integral eraser on the cap of the pen. They really leave an impression and the great thing is that these are a unique product so you’ll be the envy of your peers and colleagues with the FriXion Colors.

Colours available are black, red, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange, purple, pink, light blue, light green and light pink in the wallets of twelve and black, light pink, yellow, green, blue and red in the wallets of six.

Change the end of the story with FriXion Colors today with the original erasable colouring pen from Pilot.


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