When Presentation Matters

Imagine that your company has just completed a big re-branding project and the luxurious glossy printed corporate brochures have just landed on your desk.  You’ve been tasked with sending 50 copies to your top customers.  How do you decide which particular envelopes are best suited to this campaign? 

Let’s assume that for you it’s all about the brand and the company image – presentation matters!

What message should your envelopes deliver?

You’ve invested a lot of money on design and print, and you want to be confident your catalogues will arrive intact and undamaged.

It could be that the economical envelopes stored away in the stationery cupboard are suitable for everyday correspondence, yet not entirely appropriate for this project.

Did you know that over half of envelope purchasers have a separate supply of envelopes for ‘special use’?

Image conscious businesses understand the importance of the impression they create, which is why they trust Plus Fabric envelopes for their mailing needs.

You can expect more from Plus Fabric envelopes.  The smooth 120gsm paper is designed to offer protection and the stylish blue opaque adds another level of class, distinguishing it from other professional white envelopes.

It’s peace of mind knowing that when that all important mailing piece lands on the desk of a prospective client, it will convey professionalism and demand attention, ensuring  your mail will get opened.

Inspired by style?

You want the important mailing contents to arrive undamaged and remain looking professional.
You also want your mail to get noticed.  In business, it’s about creating a lasting impression that represents your company and its values.
Professionalism, appearance and protection are at the heart of Plus Fabric envelopes, and so is the paper quality.
Additional features create added appeal.

Make mailing simple

The Power-Tac peel and seal is an exceptionally strong adhesive, super-sticky from the minute you peel back the strip, ensuring your contents are secure straight away.

They're also easy to openThe Easy-Open feature uses a built-in tear strip which allows the envelopes to be opened cleanly and easily with damaging the contents or compromising security.

Plus Fabric envelopes are what all the important mail wants to be seen in!  Available in standard sizes, board backed and gussets.

For a Masterclass Presentation watch the Post Shop Boys in action . . .

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