The Age Of Auto Feed

In 2008, ACCO Brands introduced the Rexel Auto Plus 500 shredder and changed the way businesses shred. The first shredder to use Auto Feed technology, it allowed users to reduce their time spent shredding at work and at home.

Since then, Rexel has continued to drive innovation. So what led the brand to develop the world’s first Auto Feed shredder? And how have new and improved Auto Feed technologies continued to enhance business shredding?

Manual Feed Shredding

Shredders are a vital tool in any workplace. Business people use them to destroy confidential documents on a regular basis, however they often found that a manual feed machine could not cope with high volumes of confidential files. A survey revealed several frustrations experienced by manual feed shredder users, with 64% of respondents stating that their biggest issue was paper jams while 43% cited frequent bin emptying as their main grievance.1

The loss of productivity caused by manual feed shredders was another issue for businesses. 48% of respondents felt that their machine took too long to shred a document. The machines were simply not sufficient for customer needs. 

The Age of Auto Feed

Taking these concerns on board, Rexel developed a machine that would make shredding productive. With research showing that 53% of shredder users tend to destroy their documents in batches, it was clear that a machine should accommodate this to help boost business productivity. The Auto Plus 500 shredder allowed the user to put a stack of papers inside the machine and leave it to shred automatically, significantly reducing the amount of time taken to destroy documents.

Since then, Rexel has continued to advance the way that businesses dispose of confidential information by improving and developing the capabilities of Auto Feed. In 2011, Rexel introduced a range of new Auto Feed models with Cross Cut technology, which could process up to 750 sheets of paper at once.

Data security became another priority for businesses, with PwC estimating in 2015 that a breach could cost up to €3.96m for a large organisation. Rexel listened to the security concerns of its customers, launching the Micro Cut range. Organisations could now shred more securely than ever, turning sensitive documents into unsalvageable confetti instead of strips of paper. 

Auto Feed Infographic

The Future Of Shredding 

Over the past eight years, business’ needs and priorities have changed dramatically. Auto Feed has turned traditional business shredding on its head, offering organisations a new and faster way of destroying documents. Comparisons show that it typically takes 14 minutes and 25 seconds to shred 500 sheets manually while an Auto Feed machine can handle the same volume of paper in just 14 seconds – a time saving of 98%2. These are productivity benefits that are invaluable to businesses, large or small.

There has never been a better time to upgrade to an Auto Feed shredder, as the technology continues to make significant changes in the shredding market. To find out more about our comprehensive range of machines and how they meet a variety of business needs, follow @rexeleurope on Twitter or LinkedIn Rexel Europe.


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Intertek independent testing, June 2012, comparing the Auto+ 500X to a traditional feed shredder at a similar price level


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