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It’s Back to School season and that means stocking up on the crucial stationery items for the new school year. With that in mind, Stabilo has come up with some excellent revision tips regarding colour that are perfect for anyone who is worrying about the prospect of revision when going back to school.

Revision is something that is usually hated, but is unfortunately necessary for thousands of children, teenagers and young adults across the United Kingdom. Whether in primary school, high school, college or university, there will always be a time when revision becomes the number one thought.

Bring Some Colour To Your Work

You’ll often find that revision simply just isn’t revision without the addition of bright and vivid colours scattered throughout notes and textbooks. Not only does it make revising look incredibly pretty, but using colour has also been scientifically proven to help improve memory and recall.

Colour is particularly useful when you are highlighting important information that is necessary for study as it will make it simple and easy to find in the future. It can also help to improve memory as it has been shown that when writing in colour you can retain up to 50-80% more information than compared to normal writing.

In fact, a psychological study found that recall was 10% better with colourful images when compared with simple black and white images, so using colour is not just making your notes pretty but is also benefiting you.

Using specific colours for a specific topic will also help you to build an association between the two, so if you go into an exam then upon seeing the colour green you may find yourself remembering more facts relevant to your topic.

Colours Can Be Specific!

Certain colours can be more meaningful than others, for example you may be more inclined to remember something that is written in red compared to something in blue. That is because red is bright and bold, grabbing your attention. Other colours that are great for grabbing attention are yellow and orange, which may be why yellow highlighters are often the most popular!Stabilo Neon Highlighters

Dull colours such as grey or brown should be avoided if possible; they’re not attractive to look at so there’s a chance that you won’t remember as much! Red is great for memory retrieval as it usually signifies that something is important, which is why you may often see it on warning signs or road traffic signs.

On the other hand, blue and green have both been shown to promote concentration and have a calming influence. Forests and the ocean often invoke a calm feeling in many people which is perfect for stressful exam periods. Blue in particular has been shown to boost creative thinking, so perhaps blue pens in exams might be advisable if they are allowed?

Stabilo Can Help To Brighten Work

The good news is that Stabilo has a wide range of products that are the perfect accessories for brightening up revision notes and textbooks. The Point 88 range comes in a wide range of colours, so you’re guaranteed to find the colour you want, and is available in a pack of 10 or a pack of 20 on OPInfo.

If you prefer highlighting to bring a splash of colour to your note then why not take a look at the range of Stabilo Neon highlighters? They’re the perfect size to fit in a pencil case and the bright colours are guaranteed to attract attention.



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