Time To Start Walking Your Meetings?

Walking meetings

As office workers strive to find healthier ways to work we are seeing the rise of items such as standing desks and an increasing awareness of the benefits of ergonomics. Everyone knows that sitting down for hours a day is not conducive to healthy working but it is often the smaller things that can help.

The problem with this is that these methods can prove to be quite expensive, standing desks are unfortunately not the ideal desks for smaller offices that don’t have a big budget. So how do you promote healthier working in the office for a fraction of the price?

Well the answer is walking meetings. Now you may be wondering how exactly this works, after all, how do you give presentations and so forth while on the move? Well the secret is to only have meetings that you know can actually be done while working, there’s no point in wasting time with meetings you can’t have.

Walking To Health

Sit down meetings can often be boring

Sit down meetings can often be boring

The NHS recommends that adults aged 19-64 should be active daily which can includes a variety of physical exercises such as at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week. This includes fast walking and while we’re not advocating that you start speed walking your meetings, it may be advisable to not walk at a snail’s pace too!

So by walking around instead of sitting or standing stationery for long periods of time, you will be fulfilling part of the recommended physical exercises…while you do legitimate work! You may have heard that you should get up from your desk frequently to help prevent back pain; well a walking meeting is the ideal solution to this.

Be More Productive

Walking in your meetings can also help to reduce the boredom levels of participants. It’s common to find yourself bored during portions of a meeting and it can lead to daydreaming, fidgeting or if you have a laptop or tablet with you, looking at thing you shouldn’t be. But if you’re out walking, you’re more likely to be paying attention as there’s nothing else for you to do besides admire the scenery!

The ideal walking meeting would be one that only includes a few people, around 3-5 at the most. After all, it wouldn’t be even remotely productive to have a meeting with over 10 people where everyone is walking around, not only would it look ridiculous but it would be hard to hear everyone.

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