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Back to School

School is out for summer and children can likely be both heard and seen playing outside throughout the warm month of August. But already it’s time to be thinking about back to school and ensuring that children, teenagers and university students are fully equipped with all their back to school essentials.

Now the requirements for back to school understandably change depending on which ‘school’ they are going back to. For example primary and high schools will see a need for new uniforms, sports accessories and more whereas for college and university it’s perhaps a little more laid back.

To make it simple though, we’ve put together a list of back to school essentials that can work for all areas and are crucial items for school, college or university.


The most important essentials for going back into education will be stationery. Ballpoint pens are the classic school item and are incredibly cheap to buy multiple pens at once. They are perfect for any writing requirement and are particularly ideal for note taking or essay writing in high school, college or university.

Pencils are not so common for writing anymore but are crucial for any lessons that require drawing such as technical classes or art. The good news is that OPInfo has a large range of pencils available to view including specialist colouring pencils to simply normal HB pencils, take a look now to find the ideal pencils.

So how to keep all the crucial stationery items in one place for ease of access? Well the simple answer is a pencil case as they can be used to store pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, pencil sharpeners and much more. On OPInfo we also have clear pencil cases that can be taken into exam rooms as well, making them incredibly versatile.


Now filing is probably not high on the list of school essentials for young children in primary school, but for those in high school, college and university it can be very important. It is a simple and easy way to store together subject notes, printouts and much more in one easily accessible place.

It's time to buy those school essentials

The question is what kind of filing would suit education needs? If someone is a person who prefers to have completely separate subjects then perhaps a ring binder would be the best solution. They are perfect for storing small to medium amounts of documents together and can be used to separate subjects entirely, preventing any accidental mixing.

Alternatively, a lever arch file can be used to store together multiple subjects at once in one handy place. The subjects can be separated by dividers for ease of access but by using one single file it will help to save space in a bag!


In the later stages of education, note taking becomes incredibly important. Particularly in college and university where perhaps students are not given notebooks but instead have to buy them. As such, it is important to ensure that the right notebook is bought.

There are a range of sizes available as well as paper weights along with a large variety of brands to choose from. Take a look at the large range available on OPInfo to make sure that the right notebook is found.

What Other School Items Do You Think Are Essential?

We’ve just given a very brief overview of what we think are some of the most important back to school essentials, but are there any more that you can think of? Why not let us know?

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