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Go Secure is a strong, reliable product that is ideal for sending catalogues, marketing literature, high security packages and bulky items in the post.

The lightweight and strong polythene envelopes help you save on postage costs also providing you with a different range of envelopes and packaging from Heavy Duty Cash Bags, Extra Strong Polythene Envelopes, Enclosed Self-Adhesive Envelopes and Blue Numbered Seals to provide added security to your mail and many more.

Go secure is a simple, easy product for your postage needs, you simply insert your documents, catalogues, marketing literature or any other important documents into the envelope and then use the self-adhesive backing to stick it securely to a parcel or box.

This means that your recipient will be able to quickly and easily access the relevant documents. You can be assured that you are getting excellent quality with the Go Secure envelopes and packaging as they are made from strong, biodegradable film that is also waterproof, ensuring that the contents are kept safe no matter the weather.

Have Extra Security

For extra security purposes the Blue Numbered Seals packages have a unique 6 digit numbers that are sequential so you’ll be able to easily track your package. These are easy to use and they are non-reusable so once they’re broken you’ll know if they’ve been tampered with or not.

You can also be assured that the receiver will be aware that there are important documents as they feature black text that reads ‘Documents Enclosed’ on a red background, so it will stand out.

Go Secure are strength envelopes for low cost shipping and to carry out your postage needs for whatever whenever and wherever you need to post.

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Be secure with Go Secure envelopes.

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