Time For Some Office Games?

Office Games

In case anyone hadn’t noticed, there is a rather large international sporting games event occurring in the southern hemisphere. The athletes who are running, swimming, cycling and much more are obviously an inspiration to many, but how can you bring some of their fighting spirit into the office?

Well how about having your inaugural Office Games? Games in the office are the ideal way to bring some much needed fun and help to split up the working day, as well as encourage people to communicate with each other. Nothing brings people together quicker than a team event so we’ve scoured the internet for some fun ideas.

Organising The Games

Firstly, it’s important to organise your office into teams. This can be by department or you can encourage inter-departmental relations by creating completely random teams. It may be ideal to create these teams before you hold the games to encourage them to interact with each other and decide who will be competing in each event.

Organising the event is incredibly important as unfortunately, time is money. Try to find a time when most people will be okay with taking some time out of their work or when it won’t be detrimental to your offices workload. As well as this, it’s equally as important to decide on how many will compete in each event and what the events themselves are to be.

Ready, Set, Go!

We’ve got some fun examples of office games that can be played that are also accessible to everyone. The possibilities are of course, endless, but these can be a good basis for you.

  • Paper Airplane Javelin – the teams have to create their own paper airplane and try to make it as aero-dynamic as possible before taking the big run up and letting go. Whoever gets it furthest…wins!
  • Chair Sprint – incredibly simple, see who can get to the finish line first in their chair!
  • Paper Football – One person creates the goal with their hands, the other person has to try and get a paper football through the goal from the length of a table
  • Table Tennis – grab a ping pong ball and a notebook, use some A5 notebooks to create the net and start playing!
  • Pen Relay – Each person runs a set distance before handing off a pen to the next person, the first team to cross the line wins!
  • Elastic Band Archery – set up a target and see who can hit it the best by using an elastic band and some paper!

And The Medal Goes To!

Bring out the competitive spirit

Bring out the competitive spirit

Set up some rewards that actually make the games worth playing for your colleagues or employees. Offer a plastic gold medal to the winner of each event and give them an extra prize of chocolate or something along those lines. Make sure the top three all get something as well!

The team with the most wins should get the overall gold medal, perhaps a giant chocolate coin or a small trophy proclaiming them number one. But in the spirit of the Office Games, make sure that every participant receives something!

Have You Held An Office Games?

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve held an Office Games before. Let us know how they went or if you plan on using our games and make sure to check out OPInfo to find your sporting accessories.

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