Kenco Coffee vs Gangs

For young Hondurans, gangs are a constant threat. Joining one may seem like the only option for survival. Last year, at Kenco, we started a project to make a difference.

We offered a group of young people a chance of a better life, by training them to be coffee farmers with the skills to grow great quality beans. The first students have completed their year-long course. They’re now building businesses of their own, backed by funding from Kenco.

A New Year

In 2016, Kenco are doing the same for a whole new set of students. Once again, we’re teaching them all they need to know to become coffee farmers – skilled growers, producing the finest beans.

Three years ago, Lucas was shot twice by a local gang member. He knows he was lucky to survive, but now aged 20, he finds it hard to hold down jobs or build relationships.  Lucas says “The Kenco programme is an unbelievable opportunity for us and I am thankful to be a part of this”. He’s loving the opportunity of learning the expertise and life-skills needed to build a better future. He aims to start a successful coffee farm growing coffee beans he can be truly proud of.

Two years ago, Jessica was looking down the barrel of a gun as a gang robbed the bus she was on. Now aged 22, she feels safe and respected as a woman, learning the skills to run a business and getting emotional support to help put the past behind her. Her dream is to provide a safe future for her daughter and produce really outstanding coffee. “I intend to use all the knowledge and skills we are receiving at the programme to make this happen”, she says.



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