How Athletes Can Inspire In The Workplace

Athletes can inspire the workplace

Most of the nation watched with awe as British and Irish athletes ran, leaped, cycled and rowed their way to victory in recent weeks. Now it’s over for another few years and its back to the regular schedule again, but what can we take from these feats of human athleticism?

Surprisingly, there are many ways in which athletes can inspire every day office workers to achieve great things and we’ve put together a short list of some of the ways they can. Take a look and maybe find yourself inspired to achieve greatness as well?

Age Is Just A Number

When Nick Skelton won his medal in the show jumping competition, he became Britain’s oldest medal winner since 1908 at the age of 58. At the same time, Amy Tinkler was the youngest member of Team GB and also earned a bronze medal in gymnastics.

So how does this apply to the general workforce? Well it shows that if you try hard enough and put your mind to it, age is no longer a barrier.

An older person in the workplace may worry that younger people will be more attractive to their employer. But the wealth of knowledge and information an older employee has can be just as fulfilling and wanted as the enthusiasm of the young.

Hard Work Reaps Benefits

It would be impossible to say that a high level athlete does not work hard. Many of them will dedicate their entire lives to training for the most important sporting event in their lives and some have to juggle family, a job or even school alongside their training.

Hard work isn't just for athletes

Hard work isn’t just for athletes

For a large portion of athletes though, their training is their job and many can spend over 30 hours a week training specifically for one day every four years. For many athletes, this work is rewarded with a medal, but the process can also be applied to the general office worker.

If you work hard at your job, or excel in a way that attracts attention, you could find yourself with that promotion you wanted so bad. Or even simply just be applauded for your hard work by your manager, but it’s safe to say that if you work hard then the chances of success are higher as well.

Teamwork Is Key

Every person matters in a team, whether you are a rowing or cycling team or part of team in the office. If one person doesn’t do their job properly, then the chances of achieving success are significantly lowered.

One of the most important factors of teamwork is communication. If four people are working in a team and only two people are communicating effectively with each other, then it will be incredibly hard to finish a project by the deadline. Communication can also mean that people feel included and involved; if someone is not happy with the work then it’s important to communicate with them to ensure that everyone’s views and thoughts are heard.

Be The Athlete At Your Workplace

Take inspiration from the British and Irish athletes to improve your own work and the best you possibly can be in the office. Do you have any other inspirations you can take from athletes, or alternatively do you think there are things from the workplace that can inspire athletes? Let us know!

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