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Post-it Large Format Notes

Post-it® has helped people be more productive, communicate better and to express themselves in a number of creative ways for nearly forty years.

When you write something down, you are 42% more likely to make it stick! So by using Post-it® Notes in innovative ways they can help you keep track of what matters and make your goals and ideas happen.

The Post-it® Note has featured on many lists of top consumer products over the decades since it first appeared on the shelves in back in 1980. Whether in the home or office it is a must have piece of stationery to take down those important messages, action points and to-do lists.

All Post-it® Super Sticky Notes are now made with a plant-based adhesive (67% plant-based adhesive by weight). This makes for an environmentally friendly note taking solution which is PEFC certified.

Meet Your Needs With Post-it Large Format Notes

Big notes for big ideas!

Now with a NEW variety of Large and XL Post-it notes, you can enjoy the power of writing bigger and better notes and be more creative!

If you’re taking notes at meetings, looking for speed and convenience or simply looking for innovative ways to make your to-dos, goals or dreams come alive then make it stick with Post-it!


Try It, You’ll like it!


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