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The children are back at school, summer is already starting to become a fading memory as the leaves begin to fall from the trees. So, with everyone safely installed back behind their desks, we start thinking about kicking off again and looking at the quarter ahead of us, let’s start as we mean to go on and with that in mind, as we plan and strategize we need to tools to carry out our work effectively.

Whether you’re taking copious notes in meetings, planning for the next big project, drawing up your ideas, filling in numerous forms, completing work on the go or scrawling notes whilst on the phone all day, without a comfortable and trustworthy pen, your job WILL inevitably become the stuff of nightmares. Whatever your requirement Pilot has the answer!

G2 Pens

Reporting for duty alongside your long suffering jotter and renowned for comfort, you cannot beat the G2. The Pilot G2 pen has a soft grip, cushioned barrel  and provides an acid free, archive safe ink or the V5’s and 7’s which have stood the test of time. The V system liquid ink is perfect for people who do a lot of writing and require a long lasting pen with an integral ink flow regulator, these pens offer skip free, precise and clean work with a choice of 0.5 or 0.7mm tip.

Anyone with an ethical and environmental steer can satisfy their craving for a green alternative with our B2P range. Pilot’s Gel Ink pen contains 89% recycled content derived from old soda bottles and the great thing is that these pens are refillable with standard G2 refills so they’re a smooth and readily available resource.

B2P Pens

Seeking precision? The G Tec Micro Rollerball holds the answer! For architects and artists, this pen features as a staple go-to solution as it’s smooth, gel ink offers vivid and dense colour and it writes with an incredible 0.2mm line. These pens are also refillable and they look the part!

And lastly, for anyone who dislikes the look of an untidy pad or (dare I say) makes a few mistakes…here and there…FriXion should be your secret weapon in the office. And anywhere for that matter! Our beFrixion Ball Pensst seller, the FriXion Ball is available is a variety of colours and still remains the market leader in the erasable gel ink category. The integral eraser stud ensures you can delete and repeat with minimal fuss, no debris and as you can re-write with the same pen immediately, you won’t need to worry about correction tape or smudging the rest of your work or carrying another pen to write over the top again.

The beautiful tribal print tattoo design is iconic and the ergonomic grip combined with the robust body means these pens will keep going and you’ll want to refill them time and time again. There’s also a retractable version called FriXion Clicker available also.

Whatever choices you make for filling your pen pot from the range, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality product trusted by millions and you won’t be disappointed so go on, get online and order yourself some pretty new pens to make your job just that little bit nicer!

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