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Do you ever find yourself desperately wishing that things were labelled to help identification? Well the Leitz Icon is the perfect accessory that will allow you to print useful labels for a large variety of purposes, no matter which environment you are in, whether in the office, in retail or much more.

The Leitz Icon has everything you need to present a professional appearance while still reducing the amount of time you spend doing your daily activities. Printing out high quality shipping labels and paper addresses takes no time at all as the Leitz Icon can print up to 200 per minute.

Label Printing Made QuickLeitz Icon Properties

As well as this, you can directly import your data from Excel to make printing addresses fast, much better than manually typing and printing each one out! Label cables to ensure that everyone is aware what the cable is attached to, preventing any accidental shut downs in the office!

Alternatively you can spruce up corporate events quicker than ever by producing banners that are up to 2.7 metres long! For anyone in an environment that sees lots of people pass through, or even simply just for any environment that has a large amount of people, you can print out labels that can be used to tag hardware with need to know information such as IP addresses, identification numbers and more.

Versatile Connection With Leitz Icon

You can also print out instructions on how to access the Wi-Fi as well as passwords for this and other applications. It is simple and easy for anyone to use thanks to the wireless technology that makes using it easier than ever.

The app can be used on PC, Mac, tablet or even smartphones so not only can you take the Leitz Icon with you anywhere you need to go, but you can access it using a variety of methods. There is also the useful free ClipArts that will always meet your demands, whether you need a Wi-Fi symbol or a USB symbol!

Why not take a look at the Leitz Icon on OPInfo and also take a peek at the large range of continuous labels available in a variety of sizes and colours. There’s guaranteed to be something for everyone!


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