Xerox Release Global Citizenship Report For 2016

Xerox has released their global citizenship report

On September 22nd 2016, Xerox released their 2016 Global Citizenship Report. It showed the progress that Xerox has been making to provide responsible technology and business process services while also helping their clients and communities to help address some of the challenges of the world.

While they had many key points to their 2015 fiscal year, some of the most important were that they had reduced their energy consumption by 12 percent and also cut emissions by 20 percent. For Xerox that means 65,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents across their worldwide sets, showing the commitment they have to helping to preserve the planet.

Xerox also committed to workplace diversity and 2015 saw the US section of Xerox with 60 percent of their employees being women. As well as this, 32 percent of their executive and senior level managers were women. Minorities were also well represented with 48 percent of US Xerox employees and 15 percent of executive and senior level managers.

Caring for communities also took pride of place for Xerox with financial support from the Xerox Foundation being received by more than 2,500 non-profit organisations, colleges and universities. This was done in the form of grants, matching gift or even community involvement activities. The report also outlines that $13.5 million has been used for these projects.

Xerox Moves Forward With Social Responsibility

This outlines how important social responsibility is for the company moving forward as well as point out the positives that they have already achieved in the previous year. Earlier in the year Xerox had also announced that it would be separating into two separate companies that would be publicly traded, Xerox Corporation and Conduent Inc. Both companies were highlighted in a message from CEO Ursula Burns.

“From our earliest days, we have believed that a successful company should provide both business and social benefits,” said Burns, “Citizenship will continue to be integral to both companies. Each will carry forward our values and culture, including a steadfast commitment to integrity, innovation, sustainability and community.”

Read the full 2016 Global Citizenship Report below:

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