Light Up National LED Day With Energizer

National LED Day

October 7th 2016 officially marks the very first annual National LED Day, founded by Bridgelux, celebrating both the history of the light emitting diode (LED) along with the exciting technological advancements that will be arriving. Combined with Energizer, we thought we’d join in the fun and illuminate some minds about the wonderful LED.

You may notice that LEDs are becoming more prevalent in today’s society; for example they are being increasingly found in the daytime running lights on new cars. The AA states that the reason for using light emitting diodes is because they are very energy conscious – they only consume a portion of electricity when compared to a normal headlight.

This is incredibly important as daytime running lights obviously have to run throughout the day, so having bulbs that decrease the power required on the alternator is a big bonus. As well as this, it will also help to further reduce the consumption of fuel.

The Environmentally Friendly LED

According to the US Department of Energy, residential LEDs will use at least 75% less energy than standard incandescent lighting. An even better bonus is that LEDs are estimated to last 25 times longer, making them not only environmentally friendly, but also cost conscious.

An extra bonus to the reduced energy consumption will also mean that as more people adopt LEDs, the amount of electrical output can be reduced exponentially, saving money everywhere.

A Very Nobel Prize

On October 7th 2014, the Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura. The reason that they won this prestigious prize was for inventing efficient blue light-emitting diodes in the early 1990s.

So why are blue LEDs important? After all, red and green diodes had existed for a long time by the time they produced the blue light. Well the reason that blue LEDs are important is that without the blue light, white lamps simply could not be created. Their breakthrough meant that the white LEDs we see today could finally be possible.

Celebrate National LED Day With Energizer

Energizer Expert LED Torch

Energizer Expert LED Torch

The advantages of LED technology have been recognised by Energizer with many of their torches now utilising LED bulbs. By using incredibly bright white LEDs it means that you will be able to see more at night, so you never miss out.

From the Energizer Expert LED Torch that is perfect for security or search and rescue purposes thanks to its bright white LEDs that are capable of producing a 505m beam to the Energizer 2D LED Metal Torch that features 3 super bright white LEDs, you can be sure that Energizer has everything you need.

So why not help to celebrate National LED Day by taking a look at the range of Energizer LED products available on


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