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On the 30th October this year, the UK will mark 100 years of observing daylight saving time. For the past century on the last Sunday of every October, people have turned their clocks back one hour marking the end of British Summer Time and the start of winter. As well as remembering to change watches and update morning alarm clocks, there are several other important considerations to keep in mind as preparations begin for the winter season at work.

Falling Light Levels

As we are plunged into the colder months, the amount of daylight we can expect to see during working hours will steadily reduce, until the shortest day of the year is reached at the end of December. With less daylight available, staff and managers will have to make alternative arrangements to ensure there is sufficient, quality lighting available in the workplace.

So what impact can lighting have in the office? Numerous studies have shown that natural light can help to improve a person’s mood, energy and alertness, ultimately contributing to better productivity and output during the day. An investigation carried out by the Green Building Council found staff members that were exposed to increased levels of daylight were in fact 18% more productive.

Chilly Winter Temperatures

Heating is another important area for consideration when preparing for the winter months, as workplace temperature has been shown to significantly impact staff efficiency levels. Research by Cornell University revealed that when the temperature of an office is lowered, employees commit 44% more errors as well as being less than half as productive than when temperatures are warmer.

This significant drop in performance was found to cost employers as much as an additional 10% per hour. This is because in colder environments, the body will expend more energy staying warm, leaving less energy for concentration.

Getting One Step Ahead

So what steps can employees and managers take to ensure their workplace is ready to take on winter? Improving light levels can be easily achieved with the help of ActiVita Daylight Lamps. This innovative range of desk lamps from Rexel is more advanced than standard lighting, imitating the effects of natural sunlight in the workplace.

The ultra energy efficient ActiVita lamps feature blue LEDs that simulate daylight, triggering brain activity, resulting in users feeling more energetic and alert. The adjustable light settings enable individuals to alter the brightness of their lamp depending on the task in hand.

Making sure the office will be warm during the cold season can be just as straightforward. Before the winter temperatures start to take hold, facilities and office managers need to ensure office heating systems are in working order after not being in use during the summer months. Staff should also make sure their workspace is well positioned in relation to radiators and heating vents, not too near any draughty doors.

As we mark 100 years of observing daylight saving, why not make this coming winter in the office your most productive and successful yet? With just a few simple changes to the working environment, any staff member can boost their output at work during the winter season.

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