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Everyone has written something at some point in their lives, whether you only wrote in school or continuously take notes today. The traditional colours to take notes are black and blue, which is why they are also the most commonly found colours in stores.

Black and blue are both ideal to write standard notes, after all the colours are reliable and easy to read. They will also last for a long time. But what some people don’t realise is that colours can be just as reliable, and when using them to colour code notes they can help recollection or even affect how  you feel.

What Colour Is Best?

There is no one colour that is better above all, each person will have an individual preference that may be the opposite of someone else. But there has been research undertaken that proves that colour can have an effect on people.

The University of Kent lists the colours blue, green and purple as all associated with being cool colours, perhaps associated with real life objects that are often seen as cooler such as water, forests and more. As such, they are said to invoke calming and relaxing feelings.

On the opposite end, colours such as red, orange and yellow are seen as being warm and bright. This association is more obvious with the link to fire, the sun and deserts. As such, these colours are seen as stimulating colours or even the colour of danger, which is why most warning road signs are in red.

It is not only the colours themselves that signify different things, but also the shade of colour. Brighter colours can elicit for positive responses whereas darker colours, such as the traditional black and blue pens, can be seen as drab and boring. As such, bright colours can help to increase mental recollection as the mind will associate them positively.

Inkjoy Pens

Inkjoy Pens Bring Colour To Life!

That’s where the Paper Mate Inkjoy pens come in; these fun pens come in a range of colours that will allow you to code specific sections of your notes. They are great for note taking no matter where you are, whether in school for revision notes or for business purposes to colour code important notes that need to be remembered for meetings.

Each pen also has a complimentary colourful barrel design that matches the ink colour, making it easier than ever to pick out your favourite colour. For those who care about how a pen writes, you don’t have to worry as they also have a smooth and fast starting writing system that will allow you to write with no drag.

So with Paper Mate Inkjoy you can write as quickly and smoothly as your thoughts, so why not bring a bright splash of colour to your work today?

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