5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween In The Office

Halloween in the office

Halloween is almost here and with its imminent arrival there are pumpkins, spooky decorations and costumes to be seen all over the UK. While this holiday is beloved by children and university students, it can also be a fun day in the office.

Some people may groan at the idea of turning the office into a spooktacular Halloween party, it can be a great way to bring some cheer and humour to the workplace for a day. To combine fun with some goodwill, it might be a good idea to turn your office Halloween day into a charity day, allowing your colleagues or employees to enjoy Halloween and contribute to something worthwhile.

To help, we’ve come up with five ways that can help you to create the perfect Halloween event in the office.


1)    Decorate The Office

Decorating the office will not only get everyone into the spirit, but will help to distinguish it as thoroughly Halloween. One of the good things about Halloween is that you can buy cheap decorations such as skulls, witch hats and other items from a supermarket with minimal effort.

Or alternatively, you can create your own Halloween decorations using items found in the office! Print out carved pumpkin faces or skeletons and tape them together onto string. Then you simply have to drape them across various items or even hang them from the ceiling. Cover empty desks with black material, it could even be as simple as a cutting a bin bag open and using this.

For the best effect, combine homemade with store bought.

2)    Halloween Fancy Dress

One of the time honoured Halloween traditions is dressing up, in fact it may surprise you to know that people have been dressing up for Halloween for centuries!  It’s also the one of the few days that it may be fine to encourage people to dress up in the workplace.

Employees or colleagues can dress in their Halloween best and to encourage charity, it might be ideal to ask for a simple donation if someone does dress up. To make the effort that is required, hold a fancy dress contest where the best costumes are picked and a prize is given.

3)    Cakes, Sweets and Buns! Oh My!

It’s never an office event without food, and Halloween provides the perfect opportunity for those avid home bakers to bring in their orange, green and black best. Encourage people to bring in food, though of course it doesn’t always have to be homemade, store bought is fine too!

You can either offer the food for free or ask for a simple donation but it’s guaranteed to bring some cheer when Halloween themed confectionery is available! It doesn’t have to just be cakes; you could create ‘creepy fingers‘ by cutting up hot dogs and adding some tomato ketchup. The possibilities are quite simply endless.

Bring in some spooky confectionery
Bring in some spooky confectionery

4)    Have A Pumpkin Carving Contest

While carving vegetables to create Jack-o-Lanterns has existed in the countries in the UK and Ireland for centuries, the use of pumpkins is a more modern phenomenon from the United States. Despite this, there is something about pumpkins that simply makes Halloween and they are incredibly versatile when it comes to carving.

This makes them perfect for a carving contest in the workplace. Offer to provide pumpkins to people who are interested and then ask them to take them home to carve. Bring them in on Halloween and judge who has the best, and spookiest, pumpkin! Offer prizes to make the time and effort put in more worthwhile.

An added advantage is that you can use the carved pumpkins as extra decorations!

5)    Want To Play A Game?

No event is done without some fun games to play and Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to take popular games and give them a creepy twist. You can create your own spin such as pin the tail on the black cat, broomstick racing (using a broom or even a mop of course) and much more.

Play small scenes from famous horror movies and see who can guess the right film or even send round Halloween trivia quizzes by email. Make sure it’s always something that everyone can get involved with but that also will not be too distracting from work.

Are You Having A Halloween Event?

Why not let us know if you’re having a Halloween inspired event in your office and what you are planning to do for it. Are you going to follow any of our tips, or do you have any more you could offer? We’d love to hear from you.

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