Tips To Keep Warm In The Office

Keep warm in the office

A few months ago we published an article on OPInfo Blog that discussed how to achieve the ideal temperature in the workplace. Now that winter is fast approaching, we thought we’d go back to the subject of temperature, only thing time we’d focus and expand on ways to keep yourself warm in the office!

Temperature is always a hot (no pun intended!) topic in an office; there will be people who find it too warm and people who find it too cold. Finding that happy medium will likely be impossible if your office has a lot of people working there, which is why you may often have to take the initiative.

Wear Warmer Clothes

It may sound incredibly obvious, but one of the best ways to warm yourself up in a cold office is to simply invest in and wear warmer clothes. Long sleeved shirts, wool jumpers, wool cardigans, thick socks – these are all easy ways to keep warm.

Alternatively, use layers effectively to achieve the perfect temperature. For offices that have a dress code, you can still look professional while layering up, for example wearing an undershirt, a button down shirt, a jumper and then a cardigan or suit jacket. This ensures that not only are you warm but you’re also following the rules.

For those lucky people who have no dress code, there is no limit to what you can wear to keep yourself toasty in the office!

Invest In Gloves and Scarves

Gloves help to keep you warm

Gloves help to keep you warm

This only works in offices that will allow this unfortunately, but a scarf is the perfect and quick way to warm yourself up when sat in the office. Your neck is obviously a vulnerable area, which makes it more prone to feeling the cold.

Some scarves can also be used as wraps if they are big enough, making them great dual purpose clothing items as well as ensuring you can still remain fashionable. Something that may not be very fashionable is to wear gloves in the office.

Some work environments will not accept this, but for those that do they can often be a life saver. Often, one of the worst things about being cold is when your hands are cold. If you work in a job that requires frequent use of your hands, such as typing on a computer, then having cold hands will severely impair your ability to work. Gloves are a cheap and simple option that can warm up cold appendages with ease.

Drink Plenty of Hot Drinks

One of the best things about hot drinks is that there are so many varieties available. Coffee, tea, green tea, hot chocolate, hot milk, hot water, lattes, cappucinos; the possibilities are truly endless! That means that there is something available for everyone, and hot drinks are ideal to hold when you are suffering from cold hands.

Aside from simply holding the drink to warm yourself up, it can also help to encourage warmer feelings from drinking it. It’s important to remember though to be careful when handling hot drinks as they often use boiling hot water which can scald and burn if accidentally spilled.

Invest in a Heater

When we’re too warm we know immediately what a simple option to cool down is, we simply invest in a fan. But when we’re cold we don’t often think about investing in a heater. They are ideal ways to heat up a small area with ease, making one particularly ideal for small departments who all feel the chill.

Electrical items such as heaters and fans should always be PAT tested to ensure that they are safe for use in the office, never use an item that is not as they could potentially be a fire hazard. We have a range of heaters available on OPInfo for you to look at if you are interested in a heater for your office.

How Do You Keep Warm in the Office?

We’ve only given four tips that can be used to keep yourself warm in the office, but we’re sure there are many more out there. Do you have any tips that we missed? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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