Keep It Confidential With Fellowes

Keep It Confidential With Fellowes

Why Shred?Fellowes Shredders

Identity fraud is a risk to all of us, both as individuals and as businesses, simply because we deal with sensitive and personal information on a daily basis. To criminals, a discarded bank statement or photocopy of a passport could be enough to allow them to start building up a picture of you, your customers or your business and eventually can lead to them stealing this identity they have recreated. Despite increasing awareness of the threat of identity fraud, data breaches are still a frequent occurrence today.

52% of employees fail to take basic safety precautions to protect personal information!

Shredding is imperative to keeping your personal information confidential; it is strongly advised to ensure your sensitive documents don’t fall into the wrong hands to protect your identity and safeguard your reputation.

Why use a Privacy Screen?

Fellowes Privacy ScreenFellowes Privacy screens are designed for all who work with sensitive information on their computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone to eliminate the risk of prying eyes stealing your information. “Shoulder surfing” as it is commonly called, is a growing form of identity theft in which private on-screen information is either viewed or photographed over the shoulders of anyone using a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
Nearly 75% of office workers shoulder surf’ their neighbours on the way to and from work (European Association for Visual Data Security 2013)


Why use a Bankers Box?Bankers Box

Bankers Box is the perfect storage system for documents that need to be stored for a minimum amount of time before disposal. A Bankers Box storage system provides a secure and organised system for businesses to retain documents efficiently. Offering 90 years of experience and the market leader in the UK for branded archival storage, Fellowes Bankers Box will help you keep your information confidential.

Find Fellowes Products

We have a range of Fellowes Shredders on OPInfo that will allow you to destroy confidential documents with confidence. Along with this, there is a large selection of Fellowes Privacy Screens available and Bankers Boxes available in a variety of sizes and styles. Take a look today.

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