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Doodling helps memory

Everyone has doodled at some point in their lives, whether it was during a lesson, in a meeting or on a phone call at work. People often view doodling as a distraction or a sign that someone is bored and not paying attention.

But in reality, doodling has been proven to have the exact opposite effect. People who doodle are in fact more likely to remember information than those who do not doodle. A study in the Applied Cognitive Psychology Journal saw psychologist Jackie Andrade look further into this.

In this study, 40 participants were separated into two groups of 20. The whole study has finished a psychological experiment that was not related before they were asked to remain to help with further research. They were then led into a room and asked to listen to a two and a half minute long tape that was not interesting.

One half of the participants were then asked to colour in some shapes on a piece of paper while they listened, the other half did not doodle at all. Afterwards, they were all asked to recall information from the call. Those who doodled recalled 7.5 pieces of information out of a total of 16 on average compared to only 5.8 recalled by the non-doodlers.

Bring Colour To Your Doodles With Sharpie

So while we can establish that doodling is actually a benefit to your recollection, now comes the question of how do you doodle? Most people will simply doodle with whatever is close to them, whether it is a black ball point pen or even a highlighter.Metallic Sharpie

But why not bring some vibrant colour to your doodling to give it that extra edge? Not only will your doodles look better but you may able to incorporate them into your notes if they look a little brighter. The good news is that Sharpie has a range of colourful marker pens available that include a great range of colours such as red, purple, orange, yellow and many more.

With Christmas just around the corner, why not bring some festive cheer to your doodles with the metallic Sharpies available in gold, silver and bronze. To jazz up your doodles or simply make them stand out if you want to, then Sharpie also has neon colours available! Take a look at the range of Sharpie Markers on OPInfo to find the perfect Sharpies for you.

If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to doodling, then fear not! There is also the Sharpie Fineliner Pen available in black, ideal for anyone who prefers to have a monochromatic look to their doodles.

The good news about Sharpie is that they are not only perfect for doodling, but are incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes! So why not try them today?

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