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HP Office PapersHP Paper can’t make business documents more interesting but they can make them look outstanding. HP Everyday Papers offers a complete range of office papers for every printing application. Whether you are looking for high-volume, standard black and white document printing or premium quality papers for colourful, professional presentations and communication, HP Everyday Papers delivers. HP Everyday Papers produces outstanding prints whatever the printer but to ensure the very best results make sure you use our papers in combination with HP printers and original HP ink and toner cartridges.

HP Colorlok technologyHP Everyday Papers are engineered to a higher standard than ordinary papers. With ColorLok® Technology, you can be assured of consistent, high-quality print performance and reliability in all printers and copiers. GUARANTEED.

Vivid Colours

Colours printed on HP Everyday Papers with ColorLok® Technology are brighter and more vibrant than ordinary papers, so your documents look rich and impressive.

Bolder Blacks

Blacks printed on HP Everyday Papers with ColorLok® Technology are bolder. Text is crisper and higher contrast gray-scale images look super-sharp

Faster Drying

Documents printed on HP Everyday Papers with ColorLok® Technology dry quicker for faster handling and less chance of smearing.

HP Paper quality

The HP Everyday Papers range is manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Its exceptional reliability means your printing project comes out right the first time. You do not waste time or money to reprint. Take a look at the range of HP Paper on OPInfo to find the right paper for your office printing requirements.

Paper is 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable

The European paper industry is a world leader in paper recycling. Currently 60% of paper is recovered and recycled, mainly into packaging paper and newsprint. The EU paper industry is also working towards a recycling rate target of 66%. About 20% of paper cannot be recovered for recycling. This includes books, archived paper, tissue and hygiene paper and cigarette paper.

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