Advantages And Disadvantages Of Inkjet Printers

Inkjet Printers

A few weeks ago we wrote an article that focused on the benefits of a laser printer for the workplace. While the laser printer is likely to be the most commonly found printer in the workplace, the inkjet printer can still have a place in business.

We’ve come up with a few advantages and disadvantages that inkjet printers offer to give you a full and balanced view.


1)     Initial Price

A huge advantage to owning an inkjet printer is that they usually have a very low initial purchase price. A simple printer that offers the bare minimum functions can be incredibly inexpensive and can be the perfect accessory to keep around.

Alternatively, there are inkjet printers that offer multifunctional capabilities such as scanning and copying. These are often priced higher, but are often much lower than the cost of a fully multifunctional laser printer.

2)     Space

While laser printers can be large behemoths that often require a sizeable portion of floor space, an inkjet printer offers an incredibly compact size. They can often be placed onto a desktop for quick and easy printing wherever you are, making them particularly ideal items for any workplace that is short on space.

3)     Image Quality

This may not be the highest on the list of priorities for a workplace but where a laser printer offers incredibly high quality for text, an inkjet printer offers high quality for images. That is usually because inkjet printers use ink cartridges that have often been designed to be highly pigmented.

As such, you will often find that inkjet printers will produce incredibly vivid and lifelike colours that when combined with specially created photo paper is perfect for creating images.


1)     Cartridge Price

The initial price of an inkjet printer is a huge benefit, but the disadvantage arrives at the cost of the ink cartridges. The price of these may not look too bad when compared to a toner cartridge, for example an inkjet cartridge could be as little as £15 whereas a toner cartridge can be anywhere from £80 to over £200.

The downside arrives considering the capacity of the cartridges. A toner cartridge is likely to be able to print out thousands of pages, providing an incredibly high cost per page ratio. This will also ensure they last longer.

On the other hand, an ink cartridge will likely have a standard capacity of only a few hundred pages. If you find that you print a lot then the costs will soon begin to stack up.

2)     Speed

Inkjet printers are by no means slow, but when compared to a laser printer it is likely you will spend significantly longer waiting for your prints. A 10 page document can be printed within seconds on a laser printer but is likely to take much longer on an inkjet printer.

If you find yourself constantly printing then an inkjet printer will likely double the time you spend waiting as well as dramatically increasing your costs

3)     Longevity

The low cost price of a printer can be a huge benefit, but the problem remains that they are often not built to last. If a part in your printer breaks, it can often be cheaper to simply buy a whole new printer rather than fixing the individual part.

As well as this, ink cartridges come with a best before date. This can mean that if you buy a printer but find yourself not using it for an incredibly long time; you may find that the ink in the cartridges has dried out. This can obviously lead to increased prices.

Have We Missed Any?

These are just six advantages and disadvantages that can be found for an inkjet printer, but the choice is obviously entirely personal. Some people may prefer to buy a laser printer while others are more comfortable with an inkjet printer.

But have we missed any advantages or disadvantages? Why not let us know? Which do you prefer to use? If you find yourself needing a new printer then why not take a look at the range of inkjet printers or laser printers on OPInfo?

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