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New Pilot Kleer

So, onto fabulous new things to look forward to now the mornings are dark and the evenings darker still (and winter seems to be never ending…) 2017 heralds new, super exciting things to talk about and in anticipation, we couldn’t help sharing with you the news! So, you already know how fabulous our erasable FriXion pens are and how useful and versatile these handy little numbers have become? Our pen pots just wouldn’t be without them now, right?

So, whilst staying at the fore of innovation and product development, we are proud to announce the FIRST erasable ball point pen to market. The Pilot Kleer is a stick ballpoint, available in blue, black, violet and green. With an integral eraser on the cap, this pen is efficient, cost effective and perfect for everyday use. The colours are vivid and strong and the pens have a comfortable and smooth write out. Suitable for education, home, office and general tasks these pens stand up to the challenges of life thanks to the quality of manufacture at the Pilot factory in Japan.

The 0.7mm ballpoint gives a 0.35mm medium line and optimal writing performance twinned with comfort and grip that ensures you can use these pens for periods of time without experiencing fatigue. These pens are all about the product quality. There are no aesthetic frills with this pen but as an entry level ballpoint with a very unique selling point the Pilot Kleer is destined for great things!

As the leaders in the industry for developing thermo sensitive, erasable ink pens, Pilot is very pleased to announce that from the beginning of January you too can order and experience these game changers.

Get in touch with your wholesaler today to get your hands on a box to try and share amongst your colleagues. They WILL thank you for it!

Pilot Kleer Pens

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