Deck The Office With Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

We’re almost halfway through the month of December and Christmas is fast approaching. While most people who celebrate Christmas will find themselves decorating their house, it’s also common to find decorations in shops and streets.

As such, it’s only right that the office is sufficiently decorated for this merry holiday. We’ve got some great tips to ensure that your office looks as festive and cheerful as possible!

Decorate A Tree

Christmas simply isn’t Christmas without the traditional tree. For the office you won’t need a large tree, even a small desk sized one could be the perfect size for an office that is short on space. Decorate it with baubles in your company or teams colours to encourage some team unity and add a bit of tinsel to bring some cheer.

Lights could be added as long as they have been PAT tested, making sure that they are safe to use. If you’re confused about what PAT testing is, it is portable appliance testing that will check to make sure any electrical appliances or equipment are safe to use and do not have any defects. Christmas lights in particular should be tested as no one wants to accidently set fire to their workplace!

Add Some Tinsel!

Tinsel can be an incredibly versatile decoration. You can use it on your tree to bring some colour or alternatively drape it around furniture. Cut tinsel into smaller lengths and attach it to computer screen to give your screen a Christmas style hat.

It’s the cheap and simple way to quickly bring some Christmas cheer to your office so why not invest in some Christmassy colours such as green, red and gold or even go for an icy theme with blue and white?

Hanging Decorations

Hanging decorations can either be created or store bought but are the ideal way to quickly decorate a large area with minimal effort. Tinsel can be hung or alternatively, specially designed Christmas decorations such as snowflakes, Santa’s and much more.

While it’s important to make sure that your decorations are all allowed by your company, it’s doubly important when it comes to hanging decorations. Only put these up if you are given permission that it is okay.

What Christmas Decorations Do You Have?

We’d love to hear what Christmas decorations your office may have instead of what we have suggested. Why not let us know? While Christmas is obviously incredibly popular, not everyone will celebrate so it’s important to make sure everyone is okay with the decorations. Do you celebrate a holiday other than Christmas such as Hannukah? We’d love to find out all about different holiday traditions from this time of year!

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