Christmas Food In The Workplace

Christmas food in the workplace

For many places, Christmas means an annual Christmas food buffet in the workplace. People volunteer to bring in food, drink and cutlery and instead of their usual lunch, everyone enjoys eating finger food with Christmas flair.

Mince pies are often an essential to differentiate it from food buffets during the rest of the year along with Yule logs, Christmas cakes and Christmas pudding. But while Christmas food buffets are fun when they’re actually happening, they can require a lot of effort to organise.

We’ve got some useful tips that will help to make your Christmas buffet a smooth process.

Decide On Food Early

If your team has lots of people involved, it’s best to start deciding out who brings in what food early rather than late. This will give people plenty of time to buy food and bring it in. You could potentially delegate who brings what in to reduce the risk of accidental doubling up or people refusing to bring in food.

Alternatively, provide a list of food items that is needed and allow people to decide what they’re going to bring in. This might be better as it will allow people to only commit to food they know for a fact they can bring in.

Food Types

While finger food such as sausage rolls, scotch eggs and cocktail sausages might be the most common food brought in for a Christmas buffet, some people may opt to bring in fancier food. Pizzas, chicken tenders and so forth can be cooked at home and then brought in cold.

If you have a microwave available, you could heat up some food such as curry to provide people with a hot food option as well. Make sure there is a wide variety available; people will get bored with only basic food options.

Intolerances and Allergies

Something people may not think about is checking what food intolerances and allergies people on your team may have. While people with intolerances such as lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance may be accept food containing gluten and lactose being brought in for everyone else, it’s advisable to ensure that there will be food they can eat as well.

Check with people what they can eat and make sure that this food will be available. For people with allergies, find out the severity of their allergy and make sure the team if made aware of this and will check ingredients of any food they bring in. Christmas is a time for all to enjoy, and that includes food in the office!

How Do You Handle A Christmas Food Buffet?

While we’ve only given three tips on how to handle a Christmas buffet, there are many more ways to get involved. Do you do anything different to us? Why not let us know? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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