Two Differences Between Standard And High Capacity Toner Cartridges

Capacity Differences

For most office workers, printing is a daily part of work life. It’s likely in a busy office that your printer will be constantly working, printing out page after page. Most people will pay no attention to what kind of toner goes into the printer, after all if you are not the one buying it why would you care?

For those who have to change the toner cartridges or are in charge of ordering new ones, you may take a closer interest in what you are ordering. Capacity is important when ordering toner cartridges as ordering the wrong cartridge can lead to increased costs as well as leading to disruption in printing.

To help make the difference between standard and high capacity cartridges clearer, we’ve listed the two most important factors that should be considered.

Difference in Price

Standard capacity cartridges are usually cheaper to buy than higher capacity cartridges. This may look like a plus at first, but the issue lies in the fact that you are obviously only getting a standard printing yield. By paying a little extra for a higher capacity cartridge you will find that you are getting a drastically increased print yield.

This means that you will save money as you will only need to buy one cartridge where otherwise you would have had to buy two standard capacities to achieve the same yield. For offices that find they are printing often, a higher capacity cartridge is a must to reduce prices.

Difference in Print Yield

This may be an obvious point given that cartridges are often identified by their ‘capacities’. But print yield is important based on the printing habits of an office. If your office does not print very often, then a standard capacity cartridge will be more than adequate to meet your needs.

For larger offices that have a busy print schedule these cartridges would not be beneficial and lead to higher costs and wasted time replacing them. As such, a high capacity cartridge is advised as it will meet all your needs as they allow you to print much more, leading to fewer disruptions.

Some printing brands even offer ‘Extra High Capacity’ cartridges that are particularly ideal for offices that find themselves printing even more than usual. The reason that toner cartridges in particular are ideal for office use is because they can provide incredibly large page yields. High capacity toner cartridges can print thousands upon thousands of pages before requiring replacing.

Find Out Which Capacity You Need

While this may seem a little self explanatory to anyone who has experience in printing or buying cartridges, it is useful information to have that can help influence buying decisions. But how do you find out which cartridge you should buy?

To simplify this, we’ve put together the below that suggests who should buy which cartridges.

  • High Capacity – Large offices, offices with high print requirements, offices on a budget
  • Standard Capacity – Small offices, offices which do not print often

Remember that this is not set in stone, there may be small offices that have huge print needs and there may be large offices that are almost paperless.

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