To Packed Lunch Or Not To Packed Lunch?

Why you should take a packed lunch

A packed lunch may instantly bring to mind screaming children in a playground, but there’s no reason that packed lunches can’t become a staple of work life as well. Many workplaces may offer a cafeteria where employees can buy pre-made food, or even hot food, whereas others may be located in areas that features cafes or fast food places.

The problem here is that people may find themselves eating increasingly unhealthy food. Considering that office workers are at increased risks of premature death or morbidity due to the excessive amount of time spent sitting, promotion of a healthy diet is a must.

It’s well known that office workers often have bad eating habits, with cake and sweets being eaten frequently. In early January 2017 the Faculty of Dental Surgery criticised the “workplace cake culture” and encouraged workers to cut back on sugar.

So why is a packed lunch a good idea for the office?

Control The Portions

When buying food from a cafeteria or restaurant, you are often unable to control the size of the portion they receive. Most people will simply accept this and then eat everything, even if the size is not beneficial or healthy.

A packed lunch however allows you to make a firm decision on the amount of food that will be taken. This will ensure that you never have too much food and find yourself overeating, but will also allow you to bring enough food that you don’t end up hungry later in the day.

Pack Healthy Food

A packed lunch means that you can specifically choose the food that you will be taking with you. As such, you can choose healthier options such as fruit and vegetables and cater your lunch to your tastes. People may often buy food and end up taking something out, for example those who dislike cucumber will remove it from a salad and so forth.

But by making your own food, you can choose the food that you enjoy to eat but is also healthy. This means that you can control your diet perfectly to what is beneficial for you. You can also cook your lunch to your preferred liking, so not only is it good for you but you will enjoy it much more.

 Save Money

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to a packed lunch is that you can save money. If your daily lunch costs around £5 then this can mean spending upwards of £25 a week just on your lunch. Though just an example, it’s a high number that can increase even further if you buy extra drinks, coffees or snacks.

Alternatively, keep your costs down by buying food for your lunch in a weekly shop. Buy everything you need on Sunday and prepare your lunch in advance. This can drastically reduce your expenses while still allowing you to eat fulfilling and delicious lunches that are also healthy.

Do You Bring A Packed Lunch?

We’re curious to hear what your packed lunch is and what you consider to be the benefits of bringing one in. Why not let us know? We’d like to hear your thoughts!

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