British Workers Positive About Impact Of Technology

Positive feelings to technology

The increase of technology in almost all areas of the workplace is not a new phenomenon. Each year sees something new being adopted in the workplace, whether it’s tablets instead of computers or automated technology in the warehouse.

It would be understandable then to assume that workers would be worried that the rise of technology may perhaps threaten their job. After all, an article in 2016 in the Guardian suggested that robots are estimated to eliminate 6% of all US jobs by 2021. With headlines like these it can be easy to worry about the future of your job.

A Surprisingly Positive Outlook

A new survey from Epson has shown however that British employees actually have a positive view on the future of technological innovation and the workplace. Technical innovation is being seen as an increasing good thing with 68% of UK workers expressing positive feelings towards this.

This tech is also being seen as an opportunity for companies and employees to grow with 76% believing agreeing with this. It’s easy to see why workers are eager to embrace technology when our lives are becoming increasingly intertwined with tech; it is after all becoming rarer to find someone without a smart phone.

What is perhaps most surprising however is that while workers think that technology is a benefit in the workplace, they are not viewing it with rose tinted glasses. In fact 77% agreed that there may be fewer employees due to technology, showing a frank acceptance that some jobs will unfortunately be lost.

Despite this, just over half of those surveyed (55%) would be willing to retrain for a role that is not threatened by automation.

British Organisations Are Missing Out

Despite the seemingly endless march forward for technology, UK workers think that British organizations are not acting upon the opportunities that are being offered. In fact only 16% of those surveyed would rate their employer as ‘excellent’ at monitoring for technological advancements.

This low number shows that organizations should be actively seeking and acting upon the opportunities that are being created. It could lead to companies taking a leading role in their area but there is evidently work still to be done here.

Epson Global President, Mr Minoru Usui said: “The environments in which we live, work and play are going to radically change, thanks to technology as we prevail in a world where our lives take will take on a new purpose. It is understandable that people today are concerned by advances in technology but we also face great opportunity, if technology is managed well.”


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