5 Tips To Organise The Perfect Work Night Out

Organise A Successful Work Night Out

A work night out is a great way to bring a team together and encourage stronger bonds between colleagues. While you may come to know your fellow colleagues in the workplace and they may display quirks of their personalities, it is often outside of the workplace that their true colours will shine.

A quiet worker may come to life outside the trappings of the office, surprising everyone with their extroverted nature. As such, a work night out should be planned as well as possible to get the maximum enjoyment from everyone. While it may be impossible to fully satisfy everyone’s needs or wants, you can appeal to the majority with ease.

To help, we’ve put together 5 tips that will allow you to organise the perfect work night out every time.

1)    Date and Time

The most important thing to organise will be when the event is and at what time. If everyone in the office finishes at 5pm then it will be easy to suggest meeting at 6pm to allow for travel time. For other offices though, you may find that everyone finishes at different times. In circumstances like this, choose a time that is after the last person finishes.

This will give everyone time to get themselves ready for the upcoming event. Arranging the date can be done by asking everyone when would work best for them, would a Wednesday night out be more acceptable than a Friday for example? You may expect everyone to want a Friday, but the answer may actually surprise you.

2)    Location

Where you decide to have your night out is almost as important as the time. You will need to make sure that it is in a location that is accessible to everyone as well as being somewhere that everyone is happy to go to.

For people who live far away from work, they may be unhappy at having to stay so far away from home for a night out. Try to pick somewhere that is close to work but also more centrally located for everyone. This is ideal to make sure that no one has to go too far out of their way simply to enjoy a night out.

3)    Accessibility

Make sure that your night out is accessible to everyone. If you have people in your team with physical or mental disabilities that will directly be affected by the place you choose, take time to research locations that are friendly and accessible.

As well as this, it is important to ensure that the location is also physically accessible. For those with cars, it will be a foregone conclusion that they can go on the night out. But for anyone who is reliant on public transport, they may be less willing to travel further.

4)    Cost

No one wants to spend too much on a work night out, so there needs to be a reasonable balance in how much it will cost. Try to make sure that it is not so cheap that you are not getting a good experience, but also not so expensive that people will complain about the price.

Try asking around to find out the average price of what people would be willing to pay and then try scouting out locations that fit this price band. For a special night out, celebrating a win or a birthday, then people may be more inclined to pay more.

5)    Inclusion

While we have talked about making sure that your night out is accessible to everyone but it is also important to include everyone. Ask what they would prefer to do, a physical night out such as bowling or a more laid back dinner experience?

It might be that you have people in your team that may be uncomfortable with more physical activities or the place you choose to eat at might not be suitable to certain members with intolerances or allergies.

A Night Out Is Best When Everyone Is Included

To conclude from our tips, it is easy to see that what makes a work night out work best is when everyone is included and is given the opportunity to have an opinion. Do you have any tips for the perfect night out that we’ve missed? Why not let us know?

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